Bing, Bling and All That Christmas Jingle

-4“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts.
No matter how we may dread the rush,
the long Christmas lists for gifts and
cards to be bought and given–
when Christmas Day comes there is still
the same warm feeling we had as children,
the same warmth that enfolds
our hearts and our homes.”

~ Joan Winmill Brown, American author and editor.

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, nutmeg sprinkled eggnog, trimming the tree with glee, hearts aglow with sweet anticipation of a season of mystery, magic and melodies, the power of this time of year to bring us together and fill our spirits with love pure love…ahh the things of Christmas we can count on.

I watched our boys jiggle and jingle, their anticipation -7spilling over and infecting us all in new and wonderful ways.  They could hardly contain themselves as they lugged boxes from the basement, hovered as we lifted lids and dipped hands, removing paper and wrap to uncover treasure after treasure.  This was the first year they could, without Mommy’s fear guiding each move, unwrap and place on the tree each ornament that called to their heart.

Do you remember that feeling as a kid, pulling back the time-rumpled paper of each family heirloom, from popsicle stick glitter stars to blow glass bobble of every shape and size?  I swear, beyond stockings and presents, cookies and milk and listening for sleigh bells, the essence of Christmas lived in those boxes.

-9Nathaniel, our precious boy of 4 (nearly 5 minus 3-weeks), came alive to all the innuendos of the season this year.  He hung with intent, the baby mice to snuggle together, our named-bobbles all on the same branch so they wouldn’t be lonely.  He had his favorites and held with delicate awe and hung with pure, untouchable, joy.

Liam, our eldest of 6 🙂 took full big-boy responsibility for how he was ‘needed’.  He followed Mommy with the coiled lights round and round as I dispersed with keen advice.  And each ornament was pulled from the box and put into respective piles to ensure everyone had equal opportunity to hang their favorites.

When nearly all had found its place, Todd gathered everyone a respectable distance from the tree.
“Gather close boys, all together now.  Your Mommy taught me something important you too need to learn.”

They gaze up at Daddy.

“That’s right, it’s called the Squint Test.  You squint your eyes, just so, and look to the tree.  This let’s you see -10the spots that need a little more.  Try it.”

Oh to have had a camera in that moment, as these cherub faces scrunched and peered through tiny slits.

“I see a spot, right there!”  Liam points and then gathers up one of the remaining ornaments and rushes to fill it in.

Another simple, quirky, family tradition passed down, but oh the intent and focus it created to get it all just so and then stand back again and again, Squint Testing until both were satisfied with a job well done.

Todd and I looked on and all with the world stood still in its perfection.  He moved a little closer sensing my peace, my joy, my love of the life we’ve been blessed to know…

-8“This my Jenni, will be our best Christmas ever.”

They always are.

Merry anticipation, merry reveling in the tunes, the treasures and the time that stands still with awe.

And just for fun… in the spirit of sprucing up your home in new and wondrous ways with budget n’ creativity in mind, here is a link to a terrific article I found 32 Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas.  InJoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bing, Bling and All That Christmas Jingle

  1. oh Jenny…..we feel the same joy when we unwrap the ornaments each year….and we have always done the squint test….I taught that to Jody and then the kids too….Kyla was my expert squinter this year…..your tree looks lovely just like you and your wonderful family….Merry Christmas…xoxoxo

    • Hee hee … of course your beautiful family traditions mirror our own. Love it and love all of you! Merry Christmas to all of you sweetie. So thrilled we will have opportunity to visit more in the new year. xoxoxo yours, j

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