Date Day Delights with a Dapper Dude

It was a day of plans and then… It wasn’t.

In the wake of spontaneity ripples the real of life, the moments, however simple, that will linger for a lifetime.

They decked out in their matching pin stripe suits, hair gelled and slicked to perfection. A dapper duo to melt the heart of a mother and all passers-by. 😉

First stop was a date with Auntie Care for pressie picking and a little lunch. Next Daddy joined us and we were all a rush to make it to a Symphony performance we had much been looking forward to. But then there was the defining moment, available for the grasping if we have but eyes to see… The boys were giggling, coloring, reveling in the interactions of the second and we were watching.

Why rush for the sake of plans? Isn’t this season about the pause, the cause, the connection? And so we switched gears for spontaneous joy.

Yahoo … When YOU do this be sure and stop to give a high-5 to self. Know why? How many people break routine, plans, schedules, obligation in the name of heart-centered joy? Few and not often enough. These feats are to be celebrated!

We headed to take the family with Santa picture (psst, he’s Grandpa too – coolest thing ever for our boys). We sat we smiled, it clicked and when Santa asked what the boys’ favorite thing about Christmas was, Nathaniel piped up, “Giving.” Ahhh proud Momma. Liam said, “Candy.” Proud Momma. The first said it because we discuss this, the second said this because he knows he doesn’t get it very often.

Note to parents “Mom, Dad… You’re doin’ okay.” 😊🙏

And then came one of the best parts… Daddy and Nathaniel headed shopping and I looked at Liam and said, “Hey, wanna have a date?”
Liam beamed, “Oh ya Mom!”

Off we strode, every eye on this handsome young man, spiffed up and all a glow. He had Very Berry Strawberry ice-cream and then we both had Birthday Cake organic herbal tea. Yummo! We chatted, we licked, we took this pic below, we laughed.

And then just before heading home to rejoin the troops, Liam reminds me “Mommy don’t forget, we’re out of Himalayan sea salt!” Ohhh I love this kid and what he’s taking in!

We hit Home Sense and stocked up and then hit the toy section where Liam found the perfect present for his brother. (First one ever, as each year he makes his presents).

He carried it to the register, lifts it high to the counter and then snuggles in close, motions for me to lean down, “Mommy,” he whispers. I love you. Thanks.”

These are what life IS made up of, these incredible memories for the grasping. And I so appreciate this 365 Day writing project that not only helps we see them with keener eyes but, empowers me to record them.

Even if you don’t write a blog daily, I encourage you to, first, see opportunity to create these moments and second, to jot them down. We just do forget the innuendos with times passing.

Wishing you a weekend of spontaneity and memories worth recording!




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