Have Imagination ~ School Travels

-1The biggest buzz of lifeschooling for us is that it happens on the road of, well, life.

We wake and each day is an adventure in “What’s Next?” and “Oh what shall we do today?”  The feeling that you had as a child during summer holidays, when you can laze and explore, create and connect with self, with nature, with loved ones…this is our world, daily.

There is not a day that passes that I do not feel profoundly grateful for the life I live and the choices I have made.

Is everyday a cake walk (where does that expression come from, really)?  Not always.  But each day is filled with sparks of delight, with glimpses of divine WoW, with wisdom and wit and crazy and opportunities for me to rise to the very best of myself for the treasured souls who walk the path with me.

This morning was my work time, exploring my biz passion with Project YES! Life, so Daddy had time with Liam and Nathaniel.  Even a couple of hours away from them, while rewarding in ways that connect me to the world and the visions of those I am honored to support still, makes me miss them desperately.
(I guess I know I’m living my version of YES! don’t I?)

When I bounced through the door, they lit up, ran into my arms and shouted, “Mooooommmy you’re home!!”

My heart melts each and every time.

But today, I had a gift for them.  They bubbled over as they ‘picked the hand they wanted’.  Out came two Christmas-themed activity books.  They squealed in delight and flipped through to find the ‘cool’.  We hit the road and headed to Tim Horton’s for a hot chocolate, new books in hand.

Simple really, sitting sipping and reading and playing and matching and finding our way through the maze, and finding the differences between one image and the next…but profound, in that, as I watched them, I saw them, really saw them and keenly understood the miracle that my life is.

See your life today and everyday, really see it.  We don’t stop and look nearly enough.  Watch your children.  Watch your spouse.  Watch your friends.

This moment is all we really know for sure, and one day it will not be what we DID that mattered but how we loved our days and the people who sipped and played and laughed and talked and loved alongside us.

Tonight I feel … grateful for just, well, everything.  You?



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