Bliss Bubble ~ Time to Create Your Own?!


This morning Nathaniel pitter-pattered into our room,
“Liam, not being nice Mommy.  He made me feel bad.  I don’t want to play his game, so he ran away and now he’s hiding.  I feel so sad Mommy.”

“Oh sweetheart, you don’t have to let how Liam is feeling hurt you.  You can just let him be for a time.  Keep your happy heart and, in time, Liam will come back and be with you.”

He turns and flits out the door saying, “Bllllisss Bubble Mommy.”

Off to see the world as new, just like that.

What left me stunned and smiling was his “Bliss Bubble” comment.  Months ago I had shared with the boys the idea of the Bliss Bubble, a philosophy, belief and theory I have tested and experienced throughout my life…so much so I developed a workshop to that effect.

Life From Inside the Bliss Bubble!  How To Create Your Own.

Somehow this idea had come up and I had shared it with our precious, eager, learners.

“Well, a Bliss Bubble is a peaceful, joyful, bubble we place around ourselves that contains and reveals , how we really are, peaceful, happy, full of love.  As we move through our day, things that make us happy and feel good move right through our bubble and add to our joy BUT when things and people come near us that make us feel sad or bad, well those things bounce right off of our bubble.  And the best part, when those people who are sad or angry come near us, and we just share our Bliss and Joy with them, they can’t help but get a little Bliss from our Bubble on them …and often, our joy, our bliss bubble, can make them feel better too.”

I could not believe that my four year old had heard, really listened, all those months ago and the story of his Bliss Bubble had remained.

We must maintain our Bliss, build and celebrate that beautiful bubble of joy and love that we can surround ourselves with, because there IS hope for a world of children, of people, who realize that their happiness and peace does not depend on another and can be maintained and sustained through all of life’s ups, downs and in betweens.

I wish you a day of floating and moving and grooving within your glorious and unique Bliss Bubble, inspiring and empowering people around you through your commitment and conviction to love.


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