Girls … You ARE Beautiful. Guys … You da Man

“Every one of you girls out there,
I want you to know you are beautiful just as you are.
And guys, you da man.”
Nick Vujicic

There are moments when we wonder if we are, if we ever could be, enough.  We all encounter days when “the world is too much with us.”  We lose perspective on all that we have right before us and wonder why the world is not delivering all that we wish.

We romanticize the past and idealize the future,
when really, if we do not grasp what it is that we have,
and know, and are right now,
one day we will look back to this very time and
romanticize what was and idealize what may be…
and in it all, have missed the truth, the power, of the NOW.

As parents and mentors, whether we realize it, or like it, or not, we are setting the stage for the perceptions of the next generation.  How we see ourselves, how we carry ourselves throughout the journey, how we talk about ourselves and our situations, how we feel about the world around us and the paths that lay before, it matters.  It truly and powerfully matters.  Are you feeling the pressure to perform?  Me too.  But it matters that we understand our role, our responsibility, our opportunity to heal and evolve for ourselves and inspire the young people in our midst.

Will we be perfect?  No.  And yet, if we set our sights on authentically exploring the depths of ourselves, communicating openly, centering again and again on the peace and joy that we have the ability to create, then our children will learn to BE at peace within.  Then and only then, when we are genuinely at peace, can our minds and hearts and spirits be infused with knowledge, the kind of knowledge that can heal and encourage and delight.  This is the wisdom the world is in desperate need of isn’t it?

Is this not our true and clear purpose, regardless of how we educate our children, what we do with them, where we take them?

It is the space between the moments that brings us
face-to-face with our elemental purpose, to LOVE and Be Loved.

Nick Vujicic is a man with “no arms, no legs and no worries.”  We may feel as though we are lacking in myriad ways, but we CHOOSE whether we worry.

Let us be so full of hope, of joy, of sweet anticipation
of the our next breath or next embrace,
that we have no time for anything less than peace.

As you settle into this extraordinary time
of holiday perception and celebration,
SEE all that is around you, all that the world needs of you,
what people need of you…
needs not based on stuff or busy bustle and organized events,
but pure presence and Love Sweet Love.

(Can you sense a theme over these last few days?  The Christmas~Craze is NOT what I love and I do all that I can to keep myself in check with the truth, the opportunity of it all… this is how I do it and I pray it inspires you to keep centered in the same.)

Love and No Worries to All You Limitless LifeSchoolers!

And today in the spirit of Living THIS authentically, we stopped the clock (of sorts) and took our sweet time putting out our Christmas Village.  And then, Daddy came home early.  We cuddled on the couch and Liam, his creative spirit alive and well, blessed us with a Puppet Performance with a twist…
He worked diligently at the craft table as we sat enjoying the sounds of joy bubbling over and through the house.

“Oh, are you waiting for me?  For my puppet show?  Goodness, I didn’t know.  I’ll be right there.”

He scurried in preparation and then came into the living room.

“Here is your program.  See (he points to the images on the page), these are the actors.  When you see one on stage you yell out “Tally Ho”, put a check mark by the actor (he hands us a marker) and, when you’ve got them all checked off, yell out “Gemonimo” and that is the end.”

Clever.  Precious really.  And he loved how we celebrated it all.  Nathaniel snuggled in, Liam performed and WE embraced a moment that was not of past or future, of anything other than the splendid present of JOY.

I wish you this… I could not wish you more.  Let each one be yours for the taking.

Here it is in picture form… j

Christmas Village

Puppet Show Cast

3 thoughts on “Girls … You ARE Beautiful. Guys … You da Man

  1. The video was touching and inspiring. I had my share of heartaches but when I see something like this man in the video, I am humbled and realize I should look into my blessings instead of whine on my miseries. Life is not all roses but we have so much to thank for everyday like the love of our families. I spent this weekend also making happy memories with my wife and son in a simple yet memorable way. Happy Holidays.

    • It is so true for all of us. These reminders have this clear and present way of bringing us back to what is real and true and beautiful in our lives. This time of year can whisk us a way to crazy, beautiful but crazy, we need to find ways to ground ourselves don’t we just? So thrilled you had a weekend of grounding and love with family;) j

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