Gratitude – Life Revealing

Life is an event unfolding, a gift beyond measure.images

“This day, this is the only gift you have right now and the only response is gratefulness.”

“Open your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes to open… Look at the sky… Note how different it is moment to moment…this weather may never be the same that is right now…open your eyes, look at that…look into the faces of others, they each have a story we could never fathom…these people, this all is like a …
Life Giving Water If You Will Only Drink.
Open your heart and let everyone be blessed by you … And your presence.
And it will really be a good day!”

What a gorgeous video that whisks you away to the perfection of your days, of you. I hope you InJoy…

And to track the magic that is folding and to share it with an extraordinary community visit …
Breathe~Live~Believe on Facebook and join their 32 Day Gratitude Challenge.

In the spirit of celebrating each second along this extraordinary journey,

Gratitude ~ Moving Art ~ 675, 566 views (cause it is so WoW)

And for more Amazing Moving Art ~ Check out the Moving Art Channel

And for an inspiring post on Brian Tracy’s  5 A’s for Practicing Gratitude visit Laura Appleton’s awesome blog.  Thanks to this site and post for the fab photo of the Gratitude Heart!


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