Perspective With A Pow – Air Bags Deploy

Typical evening. Well almost.

Todd popped out to pick up Santa and bring him home (Dad in his passionate retirement gig). I bustled around getting kiddies fed, making a special spread for pops and had my sights on prettying-up for a surprise date night I planned with the hubby. My multi-tasking self scurried and was getting ‘er done. Candles lit. Check. Kiddies in pjs. Check. Now time for me.

Liam ran to the door. “Mommy they’re here!”

Must admit I sighed, as I thought I’d have more time;(

Todd walked through the door. I felt the typical tingle and then I saw his face. His eyes said, “shaken” and the swelling on his face, blood just below the surface, made me freeze. Tingle shifts to concern.

“We’re okay. Your dad’s okay honey. Crazy thing, we didn’t even hit anything but the air bag sure does work. In the real deal, guess it would be better than going through the wind shield,” he laughs.

I love this man.

This was no biggy. It could have been though. No one ever suspects the unexpected. And I’ve lost friends before their time. It does happen.

Thank you God, not tonight.

We head to dinner and I am in a whole world of tingle. I felt so blessed to serve my Daddy dinner, to kiss the kiddies one last time and to be able to engage with this man who lights up my world.

We’re on our way to dinner and I look up from writing to nod the direction, although he needs none.

He laughs, “I didn’t even know you were paying attention.”

“Ah you know me, multi tasker that I am.”

“That’s okay baby, I’ve got a man-booboo, I can only focus on one thing at a time right now.” He pauses. “You look absolutely beautiful tonight Jenni. I love you.”

I love this man. I love my life. I am simply grateful I have them tonight.

Let us not wait until the unexpected to see the treasures that sparkle around us. Let our focus become clear and our thoughts, deeds and glances reflect the depths of our gratitude.

And now we have arrived and I turn my attention to what IS.

Blessings to you. Be safe. Live large.

One happy camper…jenni
And our evening update … Notice the shiner that we are thrilled was only that. Perspective! 😉


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