Romance – Train ’em Young

Romance is not reserved for those only in pursuit of romantic love… It is a joyful celebration of appreciation through expressive acts with the intention of WoWing with creative, genuine, caring flare.

This is a treasure, as parents and mentors, we can keep secret, sweep under the rug of complacency or polish and offer up whole-heartedly. To do the latter we must ‘get it’ authentically and act with verve.

You in?


Me too!

When I was a young, star-struck, optimistic fool (yea, not much has changed, ‘cept the age part is in my head), I believed I could LIVE a fairy tale life.


I didn’t and don’t think so.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t for one second believe I need some stud on a white steed to whisk me away to Neverland. The kind of fairy tale I am taking about, is the one I am willing to create.

I believed and now live, in the fairy tale life where with each sunrise and sunset, I am star-struck by the magnificence of the world in which I live; I am up for the challenge and opportunity to experience and express love in myriad and creative ways so the spark lives on and on and on, happily ever after.

Is it easy?
Is it a gift to have this vision to keep me focused on my priorities?
Does my prince join me in this pursuit, and belief?
You bet.
Do we want romance to run wild in our family, our world and do we want to set a stellar example for how to LIVE this with our boys?

And so… This week we made way for ROMANCE!

My precious Todd headed to LA in pursuit of his dream job and the boys and I turned up the volume on LOVE EXPRESSION.

At every turn we pictured Daddy at peace, surrounded by love, expressing the depths and Divine Essence of his soul. We talked of his dream, of his qualities, of his magnificence. The boys and I knew we were a part of his journey, his quest.

The boys were and are thrilled in this process as a family. They can feel and understand my love for Todd and they recognize the role they play in loving and supporting him with me.

When the trip wrapped up, the interviewing complete, the fate of the future in the hands of the powers that be… Our boys never asked if it was ‘successful’, we celebrate process, the pursuit of a dream, regardless of outcome.

The boys made signs and waited with giggly-excitement to surprise Daddy at the airport. And this evening, I planned an evening of Celebrating Magnificent You with all Todd’s favorites.

We’ve had a thousand of these if we’ve had one, without a blog-mention. But I share this now, to hopefully encourage others who feel the romantic-call, but miss the chance in the name of busy (that naughty mistress … &, seriously, what is that word for a girl who has ‘another’… Hmm).

We must make time for the Romance in our lives! Little eyes are watching and hearts are learning how to Love on all levels.

Take up the spark as you did when you were a young boy/girl, find ways to get creative with your love and know… You are inspiring the next generation of Hopeless Romantics. Yea to showing them chivalry and that wild, genuine, gestures of love are a thing of the present and future.

Here are a few pics depicting romance in the Maki realm.

The boys at the airport awaiting Daddy, with signs, that they spent hours creating, in hand. And our evening spent tonight … That I’m getting back to right NOW;)

In the Spirit Of Sweeping Life n’ Loved Ones Off Their Feet,






4 thoughts on “Romance – Train ’em Young

  1. I love this 🙂 Thanks for sharing how you keep the romance alive and encourage expressive creativity in your children as well. A great example for all of us to follow. (And your boys are adorable!) 🙂

    • How precious of you to write and share your thoughts. It is such a gift to share this fun journey of exploration, with our families and kindred souls. j

  2. A must read for every parent, husband or wife or simply for those who are in love and hoping to share that with their love one forever. These are so true, “We must make time for the Romance in our lives! Little eyes are watching and hearts are learning how to Love on all levels.” Parents are the first teachers for their kids. Thank you for opening our eyes and heart today.

    • So amazingly true, Island Traveler. It is a powerful and humbling role we play and a gift when we can inspire them to embrace the joyful and open love that is so innate in them … and carry it throughout their lives. Thank you for your heartfelt note, it is so appreciated:) jenni

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