Weekly Image of Life ~ Boundless Joy

This week Joy woke me with a tingle and a smile.

A stellar blogger, photographer, island traveler, husband, father, friend (not necessarily in that order) had ‘found’ me in this wide n’ wonderful cyber-world.  This Man’s Journey, told a spellbinding story of Thanksgiving and Joy Rekindled, and in a host of links to kindred-bloggers, there, much to my amazement and delight, was LifeSchool Inc. and a link to Tapping Our Joy Shadow.

Only 55 days into this daily project, I felt blissed and blessed to not only have received mention among these incredible creators, but to suddenly feel a part of a community of those expressing, celebrating and sharing the depths of their souls and the miracles of the journey.  Yahoo.

And then I found his Call to Connect.  Thru a weekly image challenge, one has opportunity to bare image n’ words in the name of a theme.  This week is JOY (oh those that know me, KNOW I’d love this fabulously free-wheeling n’ wide topic) 🙂

And so here goes..

Joy is…

Space not place,
creation not creature,
essence not image,
truth not try,
faith not guarantees.

The pure and subtle happiness
that wells in waves
from a look, a touch, a gesture, a sigh.

A moment of baring, believing, brilliance.
A time of sitting, sifting, sorting, surrendering.

An awakening,
an attempt to see anew,
a perfect and wild minute of seeing in and thru.

We may not plan it, for it will evade us the harder we seek.
But we must embrace it
with full and unabashed love when it comes,

and pray that she will find us time and time again
when we least expect it,

as we live…
living, laughing, loving, being,
always watchful
for her breath,
her song.

My Joy lies in the unexpected moments and the people whom I am delighted-beyond-measure to journey with.  Here are a few of those captured here and shared with you…

Our Boys in Spontaneous LOVE of Life.
Our Maki Family Fun n’ Crazy Side.
The Man Who Brings Me Closer to Joy Than I Ever Thought Possible (and I’m pretty joy-full, always have been:).  Just had no idea how more incredible it could be, until WE.

Thank you to Island Traveler at This Man’s Journey for this Awe-Inspiring Challenge.  Here is the link for Weekly Image of Life Challenge so you too can join the adventure & fun.

In the Spirit of JOY-Grasped-&-Created,

weeklyimage, sunset, joy, lifeschool

Rockin’ Out
our fave buzz

Awe-Inspiring Love

Ladybug Treasures
Found & Shared

Unplanned swimming excursion
note ‘underwear’ swim trunks 🙂

Our Heroic Team

My Joy Muse

4 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life ~ Boundless Joy

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  2. Your amazing post gave our hearts super powers to love, care, be happy , to have courage , to embrace life with full optimism despite of what we go through in this lifetime. The words you shared simply flowed like magic and the images, coming from a family who shares love every second of everyday. This is what “Joy” is all about and I wish all your readers all experience the rare treasure of happiness that family brings. Thank you and God bless you and your beautiful family.

    • What a blessed comment, Island Traveler. Thank you. I am thrilled the post spoke to and inspired you. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect our two communities. I loved the photo challenge and will engage in this time and again. Yea to the amazing adventure this life can be. So fun to share it. I look forward to more. J

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