Wear Sunscreen ~ 6 mins 37secs of Meanderings to Live By

If you haven’t seen this, you MUST.  If you have seen this, and you have clicked on here for some unknown, yet serendipitous reason, it is CLEARLY time for you to SEE IT AGAIN.

6 minutes and 37 seconds to remind you of what is essential and what is not, what will empower you and what will deflate you, and of fragility and power and truth and your incredible roll to choose throughout it all.

Today I needed this.  My children need me to remember this and to empower them to understand, what they can, when they will, of this.  Perhaps today you need this too.

In the spirit of Sunscreen and Meandering Experiences that Enlighten the World,

The Sunscreen – Baz Luhrmann – YouTube.

And, this stellar photograph is from Don’t Worry – Zen According Goldfish.  Please visit this awesome page for the lyrics and more fish-esque insights 🙂

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