Attack of the Snow Monkeys

Snow, fun, lifeschool, homeschool, joy, winter

They Look Sweet n’ Innocent Enough
Don’t They Just 🙂 ?

I walked unwittingly along, breathing in the brisk of day, feeling the sun strain to tingle my skin despite the chill.  We were strolling through the neighborhood en route to our brunch date.  As a LifeSchooling family, this is known as, Class Trip.  Lil Nate, 4, toted the Cars backpack, loaded to the hilt with Learning-on-the-Go items.  We’d bundled, they lagged a little behind, calmly, sweetly, taking it allll in (or so I thought).

Little did I know, super-stealth monkey-boys were on the prowl and armed to the hilt.  POW…It barely dusted dead-center of my back before a barrage of giggles burst the silence.

“Gooooottttt Cha Mom.”

snow, fun, homeschool, kids, parenting, lifeschool, joy, love

Snow Monkeys Attack:)


I couldn’t gather quick enough, aim true enough (while honoring the snow-fight ‘code’… Below the waist, always below the waist.  Unless their back’s to ya, then dead center is like a target jussst beggin’ to be delivered.)  Somehow I felt I’d lost my edge since those University days when spontaneous snow-fights bust out at every opp, around every corner, while making way to and from classes.

But 4 and 6, well that’s just PRIME prep age for rekindling my buzz n’ skill for the classic snowball fights that, undoubtedly, will ensue near daily now that the white schtuff is here to stay.

The snow and ice balls fell like rain.  I was covered.  Clearly they needed no formal training in this.  They know the score… Gather, Aim, Fire…again and again and again as fast as you can.  And for goodness sakes don’t let up or Mom’ll have a chance to fire back.

I lost today.  They high 5’d and victory-bowed to the world, their stage, their home.
And I live to see another day, another round of Monkeys finding ways to always, always one-up their Momma… all in good fun.

snow, family, fun, joy, homeschool, lifeschool, parenting

No Matter the End Game
We R Always A Team 🙂

There is NOTHING like surrendering to a moment of JOY,
in the sparkle of snow and the dazzling giggles of
mischievous little ones.

Never EVER miss a chance to get in the game.
And you certainly don’t require a 6-year-old as initiator.
Ante up at any age and watch the smiles spread
and your child-like heart
suddenly jump to life
and know JUST
where to aim
for a WIN.

Now that Winter is at our doorstep like a nosy (and yet oh so sweet) neighbor who just won’t leave :), here are some links to welcome her in for tea and memories.

Stellar sites with Creative Chill n’ Celebration Ideas for you. 
~ Spoonful – Snow & Ice Games
~ Stay-At-Home Parents – Play-In-The-Snow Fun for Kids
~ Power to Change, Family – 12 Fun Things to Do In the Snow

Happy Chillin’ and Thrillin’,
jenni 😉

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Snow Monkeys

  1. Fun, fun, fun. Snow monkeys is one exciting family activity that brings a happy, memorable memory that will bring a smile to our holiday season. I was hoping to see snow when I went to see my sis in CT this Thanksgiving but I did see the last magic of Autumn in Boston which I thought was just as cool. Have a blessed day ….

    • Yes oh yes, such unexpected fun. No doubt your time in the snow will come. I so loved your fall pics in CT. Each season brings its own opportunity for joy and appreciation 😉 Thank you for connecting and commenting and following;) Blessings to you and your lovely family;) j

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