Music to Rock the Soul

Tonight we ROCKED OUT.  We do often actually.   It is our higher than high expression connection, our lift us outta the dumps n’ slumps fun injection, our soothe n’ smooth life’s moments to melody.  Sometimes the tunes are loud (not too loud, but just loud enough); sometimes they are sweet and spellbinding.

Tonight it was this favorite (Link Below) and mannnn did we have fun.  This song is guaranteed to have you jivin’ in yer seat and groovin’ while yer movin’ and singing at the top of your lungs.  You can experience NOTHING but pure JOY when you hear…

“When the juice is drippin’ down your chin, one peach is not enough.
You can’t get too much love.  When you feel it in your belly gotta get you some.
No you can’t get too much love…”

Well I simply can’t do it justice in type-set.  My four-year old whalin’ this tune would knock your socks off, but Dave ain’t bad either.  Have a listen (even if you’re not a fan, give this a listen, you may just become one).  And in the spirit of ALWAYS honoring the magical talents of an artist, if you listen n’ like, please do buy his amazing and inspiring album “Away From the World”.  (Dave-lovin’ Daddy (aka Todd) bought this for us and we’ve been swaying and singing to every song since… Our boys love it, we love it.  Maybe you will too.)

Dave Matthews Band – Belly Belly Nice (Away From The World album) – YouTube.

It perhaps goes without saying, but music is essential to the human spirit, especially to the young and rapidly expanding kind.  In case you were wondering just exactly, statistically speaking, why… here are two links that will give you some cool answers from SHE KNOWs – Canada.

~ Musical Genius – How Music Makes Your Child Smarter
~ 10 Ways Music Benefits Children

There are superb ideas here, but really, if ever you’ve flicked on the radio or busted out in song yourself, you’ve seen it, the head-bobbing, the brilliant smile, the shoulder groovin’… you can see your child’s spirit (heck YOUR Spirit) come to life.

Songs ignite our souls and remind us that beyond all the daily responsibilities and drive, there is a dancer (two left feet or no), within us, a singer, a performer to be unleashed in some form to give wings to the essence of who we truly are.

I tucked Liam and Nathaniel into bed and we began our repertoire of favorites.  They mellowed, we cuddled, I was brought fully and completely into the present and we rocked ourselves gently into being and then sleep.

How do you unleash the song within your soul, within the soul of your children?  Do you play an instrument, sing, dance?  Do you like the finger plays or the rock-star karaoke gigs on the stage-set within your home?

Let the song not be left within you… let ‘er Ouuuutttt Friend 😉

4 thoughts on “Music to Rock the Soul

  1. We love to rock it out too! My kids’ favorite thing to do with Daddy is listen to “Daddy’s music” really loud and dance around the living room with him. Sometimes these sessions are ‘sacred’ daddy time and Mommy is not even allowed to so much as peek into the room, let alone enter and participate. LOL. So glad they have these bonding times with their dad, as well the chance to let loose and in your words, ‘unleash the song within their souls’ .

    • Love this! And love sacred Daddy-Time. So essential to discover those ways to make solo memories with our little ones as well as honoring team- time 😉 Thank u;)

  2. This is one of my favourite things to do with the boys. It spurs conversations as to whether Michael Jackson or Justin Beiber is a better singer, but it also reminds us to play all kinds great quality music (like Miles Davis, Tony Bennett or The Clash) for them to experience.

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