Never Say “No” to a Bursting “YES!”

“Always say, YES?,” you ask.
Not to any ole thing. Embrace the bursting “Yes”, the things that tingle you to your toes, that ignite your soul, the snap ‘knowings’ that come full, and fast and furious. THIS is your divine essence burning to be expressed, enjoyed, lived!

It is a treasure to honor it for yourself; it is a gift beyond measure when you encourage and embrace it for another.

This morning in the black of first morn, we heard the pittet patter of Nathaniel feet and then in strained for volume, hushed tones, “Liam, Liiiiiiam, come quick. Looook snow!! It snowed so much the grass disappeared.”

What joy. What “Yes!” They peered out the window, jiggling and dancing and ancing with Joy.

“Mommy, can we go outside right NOW, Pllllleeeease?”

Do I feel like braving the chill of season’s first record-breaking fall? Noooo.

But I look at their faces. I watch as their smiles spread and threaten to crack. I feel their bubbling joy and I remember as if it were yesterday, that sweet anticipation of life and snow and exploration and before I think about anything ‘practical’ I blurt out “Yes!”

Uhhh Oh, absolutely no turning back now or ya’d crush ’em.

See I have this disease of sorts. I’ve had it for all my life, for as long as I can remember. It is that when someone gushes forth with an enthusiastic request of me, without much of a thought I blurt out, “Yes!”, often thinking after the fact… “What was the question?” This being said I’ve never, ever regretted a one, and dare I say it is why I own a business called Project YES! Life.

And so it was… I was in. We suited up, braved the bristly wind, delighted the lawn with the season’s first snow angels, got some practical shoveling done and all the while delighted in the YES! of my boys and myself.

The schtuff memories are made of. The pics below depict our full-on Embracing Snow n’ YES! Day.

The 1st Angel / car cleaning / snow flake catching / and of course the snowball melting experiment – the before & after shots.

What YES beckons you?
How do you embrace it for yourself?
If it has been a while since you indulged your YES, I challenge you to pick 1 thing, just 1 (for now), and DO IT.
Think of the thing, you KNOW the one, it’s the one that just popped into your mind right now. Say “YES!” And make it happen. You will never, could NEVER regret it.
And next time that request for “YES!” bubbles and bursts out of your kid, do it. You know with every fiber of your being you could never offer them more than your presence, your enthusiasm for their life and your love.

Go for it … And please do tell me. It keeps me knowing what we do here makes a difference to ‘out there’.

Bless you LifeSchoolers!







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