Tapping Our JOY Shadow

Tappin’ JOY
note underwear ‘bathing suits’
for spontaneous swim-fun:)

We are shaped by our thoughts;
we become what we think.
When the mind is pure,
joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

I began the hunt for perfect Christmas gems today, and in scanning the shelves for books that ignite imagination I discovered a Pop-Up Facts book for kiddies.  The line that caught my eye was …

The Average Child Laughs 400 Times a Day

I don’t know their source but I know it by full-on, day-to-day experience, that it is bang-on true, and then some:)

Why do children laugh so?

They LIVE in a world of JOY.  They SEE JOY in all that appears before them.

As I hunted, my boys were in the Disney-esque teacup at Chapters/Indigo engaging with a boy of about 3.  He would blurt out some joy-sensical word or line, “Aba-gabba-doodoo”, and my son would repeat it back with an inflection of the incredulous, “Aba-gabba-doodooooo???”  The little guy was busting a gut, as only heard on those top-ranking YouTube videos of kiddie laughs caught on tape.

Oh he had every child, every parent, every patron, a-giggle.  It was awesome.

JOY is what fuels our souls for openness and the delight in what IS.  We can SEE it, HEAR it, or (and this is the best part), we can create it.  Yahoo!!

My friend Larry, finds his JOY in the bathtub gearing up for his day.  In comment to yesterday’s post on In Search of Sacred Space he shared this inspiring tidbit…

“I steal an extra 15 minutes every day (well, not EVERY day as life can be helter-skelter sometimes!) for my “morning shower meditation.” After my “exterior” is cleansed of the daily grime, I allow time to cleanse my soul. I lay on the floor of the tub, letting the warm, gentle flow of the shower tap out it’s tune on my skin and open my mind in preparation for what will be my day. Try it! You will be amazed at how well your day goes when you have already mapped it out in peaceful, positive and forward strategy!”  Simple.  Totally doable. Completely JOY-igniting :).

Today the boys and I took a Decadence-Day.  We hit the pool with friends, ate sinful bagels of all sorts, played and read ’til our heart’s content at Chapters, all the while nibbling cookies and sipping cocoa.  Pure Bliss.  Because this is not what we do very often (as we are quite focused on sportin’ a healthy vibe in our home), it felt delicious and nutritious (for the soul).  We laughed, we laughed and we laughed and there it was…we felt the glowing shadow of Joy surround us.  May we constantly delight in this, create these kinds of moments, tap our innate and child-like JOY, so that it may never leave.

What sparks joy in YOU?

How can you live more JOY?

Where can you place your intent so you See more JOY?

How will you spark more JOY in life for others.

To a day, a life, of purifying our minds so that JOY may follow us like a warm and wondrous shadow.


3 thoughts on “Tapping Our JOY Shadow

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    • Thank you Island Traveler…what a trip to get your ‘comment’ that you linked to our site. Have visited you, followed and you should now have a submission for JOY in the Weekly Image of Life Challenge. Look forward to the adventures ahead. 🙂 jennifer

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