In Search of Sacred Space

Creating space for the still, the contemplation, the meaningless meanderings and the ebb and flow of thoughts, ideas and practical consideration of plans… Is to the soul as air to the body. Our ability to evolve and contribute in innovative, heart-centered life-&-planet-altering ways, depends on it.

We fill our days, our lives, with obligatory appointments to ensure our bodies are in health, our kids’ have opportunity to engage and expand, our community has contributors to ensure change, but what may we give when we are devoid of energy and health ourselves to deliver? What appointment will even matter then?

I’m not talking just of the depletion of our ability to keep ‘showing up’ on the scene, but the deterioration that happens long before then, our loss at being able to show up first in heart with an ounce of joy?

Will those who depend on you see it coming? Will you?

How many friends, colleagues, study subjects have we heard of who have taken struggles of mind and psyche and manifested dis-ease and, inevitably, disease.

In hundreds of workshops in the healthcare industries where I would raise this idea, not once did anyone raise their hand and say, “Excuse me, that’s just not right.”

When what we value is out of sync with our day-to-day actions it is just a matter of time until the system succumbs and forces you to reflect, come what may.

And so, I say, “Let’s GET IT, looooonnnng before we let that happen.”


By seeking out and making priority the creating and reveling in Sacred Space.

Do you need to sit in lotus position atop a mountain chanting “Ommms”? Oh you can, but it is not necessary.
Do you have to take months away from your family to retreat in solace? Just not practical really. No.
Do you need to commit to the idea that the time and energy and effort you invest in you is just as real and essential as that which you willingly pour into others?

Sacred Space Reclaimed
Woo-You & Make a date, weekly, bi-weekly, as you would book any worthy check-up. Pick a place that speaks to you of release. Create ambiance to illicit calm and get the juices of stillness and imagination flowing. Breathe, sit, listen, pose the questions that come to you and record the answers that spill forth. Do this regularly and you will never find surprise in how your life unfolds as you will be the conscious master.
Book Get-Aways of Consequence. Pack a bag and fly the coop for as long as you can manage without upsetting the balance of the life you love. Or will you be ducking away to build the plan for the one you desire?
And, finally, don’t depend on the organized-time to tap the centered space within your mind. When the world, or the kiddies, get just a little too much for you, steal away and demonstrate through action the self-control and peace that flows when we honor our need and tend our hearts.

Make THIS a priority, and the world will be in awe of you, your children will learn to embrace their own quiet and you will live years with joy, peace and love surrounding you.

Truly, what is the alternative?

What is it that you do to create sacred space? Where do you go? What do you do and have you found a deeper solace and an ability to in fact, be and do more as a result?

In celebratory happy-dance for all that comes from booking solo time,

Yahoo YOU

Pic depicts …

1. My stealing away this morning to sip, listen and flow reveling in the magic that comes whenever I make time for me 🙂

2. Amazing rejuvenation retreat I took for a weekend in September.  What a weekend to tap nature, me and the powers that BE:)



2 thoughts on “In Search of Sacred Space

  1. I steal an extra 15 minutes every day (well, not EVERY day as life can be helter skelter sometimes!) for my “morning shower meditation.” After my “exterior” is cleansed of the daily grime, I allow time to cleanse my soul. I lay on the floor of the tub, letting the warm, gentle flow of the shower tap out it’s tune on my skin and open my mind in preparation for what will be my day. Try it! You will be amazed at how well your day goes when you have already mapped it out in peaceful, positive and forward stategy!

    • This is superb Larry. What a fabulous idea and a testament to the fact that rejuvenation space can be found EveryWhere!!I’m going to use this in tonight’s post on Joy. A thousands ‘thank yous’ for your energy, your input and your YOU:) j

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