Season of Spirit in Upon Us

“This bell is a wonderful symbol of Christmas, as am I, but remember the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.” Santa ~ In The Polar Express

What is it about this season that puts an extra spring in the step, gives us an anticipatory-tingle in our hearts and has us hankering for the traditions that connect us to kinship and that speak of hope, joy and love?

Whatever it is, I’m in!!

Tonight we watched Polar Express and while I loved the flick in all its daring ebbs and flows and lessons on belief n’ trust n’ essence of the season, it was the expression on the faces of our boys that mesmerized me.

This is what the season is all about sharing the magic of it all with loved ones, creating traditions, talking through subjects like belief and truth, contribution and creative expression in the name of love.

Let us make a list of what will tingle us through this Christmas and shift the focus from the craze, to the creation of moments spent together!

What movies will you watch?
What presents will you make versus buy?
What contributions to those alone or in need will you make?
Let our desire for peace and love be our focus and watch what grows. Let us rage against the midnight shopping sprees and relentless sales to entice us to buy the latest must-have.

Let us make this a Creation Christmas … Of time slowed by BEing
… Of presence, not presents
…Of traditions that cost little but mean the world
…Of moments when we stare in awe as we take in the simplicity of it all and let THIS be enough.

I wish you a season of creation not reaction and a million moments of awe;)

I don’t know about you, but I want more of these… jenni

(This is a pic capturing the boys’ rapture during the scene of hot-chocolate serving in The Polar Express)!



2 thoughts on “Season of Spirit in Upon Us

    • Thank you so much for the connect. Thrilled you enjoy! Just visited you and am following your insights too:) So fun to share the journey from different, and yet so similar, worlds!! jennifer

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