Egad My Kid’s A Guru

And Your’s is Too 🙂

“In their innocence, very young children
know themselves to be light and love.
If we will allow them,
they can teach us to see ourselves the same way. ”

Michael Jackson

We all have those moments when we are simply stunned by the logic and wisdom that slips from the lips of our little ones.  We stand corrected, curious and clearly face-to-face with the essence of truth.  And here it is before us, a chance, one that will pass us by if we are too at odds with time to pause or it may be a chance to see and hear and celebrate the magnificence and wonder that is innate within the mind, heart and spirit of a child.


Nathaniel, from the time he could talk was clear about what he would and would simply NOT endure.  Whenever he felt the anger well within him in response to an unkind word, a toy nabbed on the sly, an unfair demand… He would stop, raise his perfect, cherub hand, fling his head to one side as if eye contact would bring a most horrible fate to all parties involved and he would say, in his most determined voice, “I waaaawk aaaa-waaaay”.  And off he would stride with finality, not to return until you sorted yourself out.


This evening at dinner we were recalling a moment with a snippy gal at the tea shop who told me she didn’t know why I asked what teas were herbal when I could clearly look right over ‘there’. I was stunned and tried to be as gracious as I could.  Liam waited until I finished, looked very pensive and then said, “Excuse me Mommy, but I was thinking, maybe the girl today wasn’t rude maybe she was just saying that you needed to read the tea labels to see if they were herbal.”


One night I tucked Liam into bed and we were talking about a particularly shy friend of his.  As soon as the subject was raised, Liam interjected, “Mommy, it isn’t that she is shy really.  It is just that she doesn’t speak unless she has something wise to say.  I like that about her.  I like her just the way she is.”

As you’ve read, no doubt, stories are springing to mind.  We all have ’em.  And boy are there profound and powerful lessons to be absorbed if we let the wisdom and wow sink in and fill us.

My Take-Aways From My 6 & 4 Year Olds…

  • Judge not.  We never, ever know where someone may be coming from or why they are responding (or reacting the way they are).  Whatever we do, do it with love, because if someone before us is spouting upset and anger, goodness knows they NEED it and bad.
  • Nothing peaceful ever comes from full-on confrontation.  Walk away to come back centered another day (or in the moment when you can respond versus react).
  • There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth and there is much to be learned from those who use the former and zip the latter.  Those who speak less are listened to more and with reverence.  And we really should just learn to fully embrace the diversity of human nature in all its forms with love.

May you see, hear and embrace the Guru of that Precious Soul you call your child or the children in your midst.  There are days when I do believe we should just hand over the keys to the world to these little gaffers.  Maybe then we would get n’ live – Play, Understanding, Forgiveness Moment-to-Moment, Acceptance, Pure Side-Splitting Laughter, Awesome Limitless Love!

May we listen to their breathing, their BEing and carry that with us all day long, each and every day!  jenni

“I sometimes wake in the early morning & listen
to the soft breathing of my child & I think to myself,
this is one thing I will never regret &
I carry that quiet with me all day long.”

Brian Andreas

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