Win a Book 4 Your Healthy Thoughts!

Hello Fabulously-Well LifeSchoolers,

A huge part of this journey in mentoring the world comin’ on down the line, is to spark an understanding that wellness and healthy choices for bod, brain and being is essential for learning and life on all levels.

I had a neat connect a few weeks back with Author and Wellness Guru at Fit American Families, Kimberly Wechsler.

We decided we might make a great fit:) and thought, the best way for us to reach families is to leverage YOUR expertise on the front-lines.  (Please note this is NOT just for American Families…Fit is Fit no matter where we call home!!)

So we are ‘putting it out there’ to you, your families, your kids, your students…

I am looking for your bullet-point-input, short-quote ideas
(to make the time-issue a non-issue:).

This community of ours is full of folks committed to providing healthy options to the young people they mentor, I just know it.

As an added incentive to ignite the conversation…
every person who comments will have their name entered into a draw.
Kimberly has written some powerful and idea-igniting books.
(of your choice),
as a gift from LifeSchool Inc. for your contribution 🙂
Monday November 12 – Monday November 26th.
(I’ll connect with the winner via a ‘reply’ to their comment
to get mail-out details on November 27th)
Let’s SEE if we can’t help others think about Health
in New and Wonderful Ways this Season!

Check out Kimberly’s Website and her Books ~ make your choice now :).

Here are some questions to spark some ideas…
* What food choices do you make as a family to inspire health?
* Do you include your children in the cooking, meal choices?
* Do you discuss healthy vs. unhealthy choices?
* How do you move & groove to keep fit, in (the home) and out (organized activities)?
* How do you encourage positive communication, peaceful solutions?
* How do you inspire and motivate yourself, your children,  students, your class, your team?

We want your ideas as parents, mentors and leaders,
BUT we would also LOVE to hear directly
from your innately wise and straight-up kids. 

You know the answers we’re looking for…
the ones that come loud and clear and unexpected, raw and real
and often hilarious.

So please pose the question to the young ones
and let’s see where this flows:)

Thank you in advance for helping to inspire families world wide with your answers.
I sooo look forward to see how this all flows.

In the spirit of the WoW that comes from Wellness,

*A special thanks to Kimberly for the fab pics featured in this post:)
*Lastly, please note … keep your entries in BULLET POINT or SHORT QUOTE form (for the sake of readability on my blog post).  Should I use your comment in the blog post, I will keep it as true to the original as possible to ensure context, but may edit for grammar etc.  Thank you for allowing me to edit, while honoring your work:)

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