Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? – YouTube

Good Day Creative LifeSchoolers Xtraordinaire!

Today’s gem that I link you to, is one of my personal favorites and one of the most extraordinary videos I have ever seen on the necessity for supporting, encouraging and empowering the cultivation of creativity within children and all beings.

Witty, poignant and thought provoking, this TED talk will awaken, or reignite your understanding of the role we must play in educating the children of today and unleashing the creative genius within ourselves.

Sir Ken Robinson tells the true story of Gillian Lynne, world-renowned dancer and choreographer for Cats, when in childhood she was assessed by a doctor on recommendation of a teacher who felt she had a learning disability.  During the examination, as in life, she fidgeted and could hardly sit still.  The doctor took the mother from the room, and as he left he switched on the radio.  From behind the glass her mother watched as Gillian stood and began to flow with the music. The doctor turned and said, “Your daughter doesn’t have a learning disability, she is a dancer.”  Is the world not blessed that one didn’t diagnosis her with ADHD and tell her to calm down?

The way we will unleash the potential of this planet will be by,
“…seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are, and seeing our children for the hope that they are.   Our task is to educate their whole being…”

These 20 mins will be a gift to yourself, your children, your students, yourself, beyond measure.

And there’s a bit about an egg and Sir Ken’s need for solitude and silence when preparing it that will leave you in stitches.  🙂


Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? – YouTube.


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