What do a pirate, glue and rice-cake crumbs have to do with Peace Anyway?

Grace n’ Love are easy-peasy when all is joy n’ bliss n’ kittens. 

Redecoration Arsenal

But what happens when you wake to the aftermath of a crack o’ dawn glue-smearing party, equipped with just the right amount of rice cake crumbs and Polysporin mixed in for crazy-measure?

Now there’s the test to see if, stumbling outta bed you can get a grip in time to sound rationale, be logical, firm, but loving and all the while oh-so-calm.  Not easy while the sleep stills clings to your eyes.  Good thing as half the glue-smudgings go unnoticed.  Bad thing as with each blink more and more mayhem is revealed.

our Curious Pirate Brave

Yep, it was a morning, right outta the gate,
of the Law of Opposites:
the moment at which you claim a desire and set your sights on its achievement,
the Universe will give you
a thousand opportunities to prove
how bad you really want it and
what you are willing to DO to stay the course.

These last few days there has been a shift-a-happenin’ in our world.  We have always been a family that values peace and deep love and respect, but there is a wider calm, a reverence revealed in our choice as parents to listen more and speak less.  And while the boys are loving it, they are left squirming in the change.  They want to trust the complete shift to calm in any and all situations, but their very beings just must test to see how far they can go by rattling the cage and seeing if the tiger will roar.

Gotta say, “I’m SO proud of us.” 🙂  Todd and I are unshakable (for now).

It was a scene to be sure, the rice cakes spread from one end of the dining room to the other, the glue literally smeared from table end to table end, across the floor and finger-dotted walls between.  Not to mention the site of our boy, who loves to peel the glue from hands, arms and face.  (Knew I shouldn’t have done the lesson on snakes’ shedding with the glue experiment:).  It was a heart-skipper when we found the empty tube of Polysporin, but leveled out when we learned Nathaniel had just used it to heal the glue-boo-boo on his forehead.  Just when you thought you could leave the child locks off the doors.  Hmmm…

In it All

The really scary bit, the stealth with which they move when they’ve got their eye on the havoc-prize.  We all did it as kids.  I remember the newly painted ‘good living room’ walls and my desire to unleash the artist within on the clean canvas my parents had kindly arranged for me:)  I remember my mom being stern, but not freaking.  I hope they remember this morning the same way.  We talked, they cleaned, we talked some more about being trusted to be up and about without us, and cleaned some more.  But it all ended with a kiss and an agreement and an opportunity to BE more as a family.

Had we given in to the temptation to yell to make our points heard, as can sometimes happen when we are blind-sided by the incredulous experiments of our babes, the morning, the day would have turned a small mishap and good lesson into an emotional bloodbath of frustration to anger to resentment to fear and so on…

I love ME, I love US as a family when we choose to act from grace and love, even, and especially, when under full-on fire.  We won’t always succeed in pulling it off, but with each step in the determined direction of our goal, the Universe may tone down the desire to test us and get we’re ready to move on to bigger, better, (and yes perhaps even tougher) lessons.

We say… BRING IT ON.

I must say that one of the reasons I held my peace, saw my boys for their true intent and pure joy in it all this morning, was because of the unfolding of relationship in these last few days.  Farhana Dhalla, Laura Simonson, Edel Walsh with their honest accounts and celebration of our shared humanity and heart-felt desire to evolve in this extraordinary journey as people and parents and friends, have moved me to more.  In follow up to my post on Scream-Free Livin’, we have met in our Virtual Enlightened Living Room on facebook (thank you for this FAB analogy Laura!!).  We all need one of these, where we can be real and raw and discover that we are truly all in this together, doing the best we can with the resources we have, and always, always looking for More.  I found it there in these last few days with you.  I hope to expand our Virtual Enlightened Living room with you on this journey through LifeSchool.

Thank you for being my cheerleaders, my comrades, my co-creators of a life in which calm, creativity and creation of greater peace is at the forefront.

I am blissed and blessed and ready to take on the world, and my beautiful boys in all their various states of WoW.

To Kooky

“Curious George was a good little monkey,
and always very curious.”

If you remember a little ways back, this used to read “Curious George was a good little monkey, but he was always very curious.”  Some smart cookie figured it was time to shift that (they also made sure the man will the yellow hat wasn’t giving George cigars to smoke anymore).

We are doomed if we are not curious.
If we are curious then accidents happen,
lessons are learned and
if we are better be able to Keep Calm and Learn On
this life can, and will forever be,
an adventure to be embraced with grace
and will leave us joyful in its wake.

To the George in YOU, in your children and in this world.  Would we really have it any other way?

Mischievious winks n’ giggles,

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