Life’s Longing Tolls

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They came through you but not from you
and though they are with you
yet they belong not to you.
Khalil Gibran

Today was a day of buzz n’ craze in the name of compassion.  Doctor visits for Grandpa, pharmacy stops, blood pressure equip purchases, waiting and shhh’s and all things a child least desires.  But my angelic babes, were right in there with me… until they, well, just weren’t.  We all have our breaking point, and with kids it’s about 10 minutes after you just knew you should be truckin’ out that door on the way to free-play.

With our Scream-Free pledge firmly in place of course all the buttons were pushed simultaneously, and more feverishly as it dawned on the boys that they simply couldn’t rock my world.  I had taken away their razzing-rights and they were left wanting.  And so … by the time we dragged ourselves up the front steps of our house, weak with exhaustion (okay I was bagged the kids were wired), I had little left to offer.

The requests for need-this, need-that, began and I simply fell in a heap.  (We have had a few weeks now of needing to rise to the occasion of helping in the healing process for loved ones.  And I for one am happy to give all that I can.  But then there comes that moment, when you just simply have so little left that the gauge, beyond empty, just seems busted and no shop will take you in at this time in the day.)

Well, my hero arrives on the scene just in time.  He looks at me.  My four year old, Nathaniel looks at me, through my eyes and straight into my soul, and then he pipes up,
“Mommy, I think we all need to sit down, right now, and meditate.  Can we Mommy, please?”
I would have fallen over if I wasn’t already sunk deep into the cushions of the overstuffed armchair.  Believe it or not, I didn’t know whether I had it in me to even ‘Ommm’ my way in, but there is no chance you say ‘No’ to this request.
“I think that’s a great idea Nathaniel.”
“Liiiiiaaaaammmm,” Nathaniel calls to his brother. “Come right now.  We’re going to all meditate, right now. Come on.”
I find my way, in cheery-step from chair to couch, and perch beside this little angel.  Liam enters and cuddles in beside me.
Nathaniel holds the singing bowl and makes it do its thing.  “Ommmmm,” his little voice rings out at just the right pitch.  “Ommmm,” he says again and gives me an encouraging nod.
I just stare in awe at this precious boy, my friend, my child, my mentor.
I chime in, as does Liam and there we sit, holding hands, hearts entwined and I, am a mother in awe of the life I have and the children who represent Life’s Longing to know itself in full with love, pure love.

This moment will linger for a lifetime.

May you tap the seconds your children show their power to shift the world in a single, authentic act of love.  They are there.  It is ours to see.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Longing Tolls

    • So great to hear from you Erin. So thrilled it moved you. Hope you are still feeling so incredibly inspired along the journey and that all is flowing amazingly well. xo j

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