Date Night Redefined

A successful relationship requires falling in love,
desperately, wildly, creatively, honestly, spontaneously,
again and again,
with your partner, your spouse, your children, your friends, your community, your SELF.
Let no person go unknowing of the gratitude you hold.

Last night I was whisked away to an evening of surprise, eyes closed, head-down through the auditorium entrance way, warned with a wink to look nowhere but in his eyes.  We sit, at white linen tables, candles a flicker within tall sparkling glass, and just beyond a stage bathed in a warm glow, two guitars, mics, and a simple stage set giving nothing away, but building an anticipation to set the heart to tingle.

It wasn’t really about who would appear, but the man who sat beside me, eyes dancing, reveling in the mystery he was supplying and in perfect joy watching me wonder.

THIS is the buzz, that comes when we take the time to LOVE out loud.  Does it take an inordinate amount of time?  No.  Does it strike a romantical note that resonates not only through the eve, but through days and weeks, even years to come?  Oh Yea.

"Blue Rodeo" "Jim Cuddy" "music" "concert" "joy" "lifeschool"It wouldn’t have matter who strode out, my night, my life, was made.  However, major brownie points for my hubby Todd, as Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo emerged.  Yes, because I’ve been a fan for over 20 years (have I really been alive that long?).  Yes, because this was an intimate up close n’ personal eve that allowed me to enjoy his musical talent in a whole new light.  But, above all, this night rocked my world because 10 years earlier when we were dating Todd swept me away for a night at Massey Hall in Toronto, closed eyes, curious mind and twitterpated heart.  And, you guessed in, the musical thrill was none other than Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy at the helm.

I was amazed then, but 10 years later, 2 kids, full lives, busy world later, I looked at this man who so gets me and I felt the crowd, even Jim, melt away and I sat in pure reverence staring at the man who makes my every dream come true time and time again.  Not because he has anything to prove.  I’m kinda a sure-thing.  But because he genuinely gets a thrill from seeing me smile, that “Jenni smile”, as he calls it.

Tonight, Todd’s on Date Night with himself, on retreat.  We arranged a time, as I often have, to just get-away to BE and connect and discover whatever comes.  This time is essential for us both in remembering who we are at our core so we can be awake and aware and well, more apt to do big-picture schtuff, like book Date Nights with each other that wow the socks off one another 🙂

And so, the kids and I had a spontaneous Date Night too.  We dropped Grandpa off after a lovely family dinner, and  our littlest guy piped up from the backseat, “Mommy, can’t we just see the city?  Can’t we just keep driving and see the whole world?”
“What do you mean Nathaniel?  What would you like to do?”
“I don’t know Mommy, but I don’t think we should go home yet.  I think we should just be together and drive and see.”

I love how at 4 one knows what one needs, perhaps what everyone around them needs.  So I thought and then I said, “Great idea Nathaniel.  How about we go to the waterfront and see the Sleeping Giant?  And do you think we should pick up a hot chocolate on the way?”

Squeals from the back seat and then this quiet voice in the lull says, “Mommy, I love you so.”

Nathaniel felt honored, as Todd feels honored in his revere this evening, as I felt honored swaying to the music of my youth.

This is the REAL Spice of Life, to get the love we have around us
and watch for ways to celebrate and dazzle the people who
speak to the depths of our soul.

One is only able to give to another what he/she has afforded the self.  As such, begin at home, within you.  Where will you go on Date Night with your bestest bud this week?  Will you walk?  Will you sip?  Will you write?

And those who surround you, how can you tap what makes them brighten the world with just that smile?

Your children, what fun, spontaneously, joyful, simple ways can you find to delight in their desires or discover ones they didn’t know they had.

THIS is Date Night Redefined…it can be booked with simply anyone, at anytime, it can wow or provide a chance for simple awe.  Above all it flows right from that fairytale part of you that is alive and well and knows for sure that this romantical thing is not something delivered via pumpkin coach, but is created, and the only flare it takes is a desire to delight the one you love.

Happy Date Night Adventures friends.  For those teaching, mentoring, guiding, you will no doubt be delivering your very best after experiencing or creating a night such as this:)


*Please note that the first stone picture in this post, was the work of Keren Fenton and her splendid inspiration can be found on her Pinterest Boards @ Keren Fenton.

4 thoughts on “Date Night Redefined

      • Thanks precious Karen. It was such a dream time, but with these men we’ve connected with, the dream they create for our lives isn’t one that is surreal, but oh so real… just pure care and effort isn’t it?! You and I too have had sooo many fabulous Date Nights thru the years. I am grateful for all the memories, beyond words. Love you two, you four, too:) j

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