Operation Imagination Cultivation

Ever since I was a child I’ve been captivated,
as this ordinary world about me
was transformed
by the sheer will
of my looking glass
of innate imagination.

Where lily-of-the-valley lay, the fairies danced and held grand balls beneath a silvery moon.
Thread spools were chairs of the grandest kind for any doll of smallish size.
Trees were protectors of the earth and spoke to the sky of their delight by dancing in the songs of the wind.

As I grew, the world numbed some of this within me. The more passionately I pursed the next rung up, the less singing I did in the wood. In fact, it came to a point where a colleague asked me at a lunch break if I cared to take a walk. I declined. When he asked me why I said, “Because if I head out into that forest and really breathe it all in I will never come back.”

I sincerely felt this way. Saying it out loud was the first step on a journey home, to a career and choices that allowed me to recognize and realize authentic YES! and help others on the journey to Live IT. Amen 🙂

And so when I became a mother of course I had every excuse in the world to unleash this dormant spark and actually empower my children in the process. Yahoo!

Now, for some, not of the creative inclination, there are gazillions of resources to tap, but for me true imagination still exists within and is most powerfully spurred by the simple, the ordinary, the seemingly mundane, for it is that unique essence and desire within us that prompts us to make it MORE. I do believe CS. Lewis would agree.

“Reason is the natural order of truth;
but imagination is the organ of meaning.”
C.S. Lewis
(Honestly I found this quote after I wrote the above. Don’t cha love how life flows:)

For those looking for resources, this is not the post for that, but if you are looking for ideas to spark your own imaginative journey, then this might just be the perfect post for you at the perfect time!

Operation Imagination Cultivation
Ideas to polish those rose-glasses with:)
* Tea Parties anywhere, anytime, with boys or girls or on your own are the bomb. Bust out the stuffties, invite the neighbors in, make a call to imaginary friends of all shape & size, and for goodness sake don’t let no-tea-set hold you back. The most ornate spread, worthy of the Queen of England, exists within the mind.

*Bed tents, couch forts, cubbyholes, cracks and crevices, the space under the table, a spot behind a cupboard door, beneath the sink, all fabulous places of escape and discovery and pure limitless joy. Find them for yourselves and those little followers.

*Share Stories of Every Kind…not always the ones with the pictures for the seeing, but those with the words for conjuring up unique and perfect worlds within the mind. You must tap true artists to captivate the youngest of audiences, and the best creator of story is YOU. Yes, even if you are not a storyteller by trade.
Your whole life is a story more interesting to your children than you could ever imagine.
When you walked, how you talked, your first baseball game, the time you nearly ran over your brother with the lawn mower. ALL of it is mind-blowing to your babes and often to the friends who’ve known you all your life, but didn’t know that.
Second to this, is telling them THEIR story. How many diaper changes you made, and the messy ones spark endless giggle fits. When they walked, how they talked, when they tripped and the time they caught grandpa with his pants down.
And guess what? You come to know each other better and love each other all the more.

Isn’t this truly our ultimate goal to love better and more,
and to set the stage for our children’s lives,
our lives, becoming a story worth telling to the world?

*Create something together out of anything, anywhere. We create Maki-Team pics. Everyone gets a crayon and a turn and as we move from person to person the image takes shape, each of us surrendering to what it will become, knowing it will be the best because it is of each of us and all of us together.

*Surrender to your inner child and unlock their potential to see the world about them in ways the masses hardly inspire anymore. When we camp we look for fairy forts and villages. We walk in silence, faces to the sky, watching the trees as they dance in salutation to the sun. We commune with the deer and follow fox tracks pretending to scamper alongside and cozy-up in a den.
All you need do is think back to a time when it was all so much easier and then act, or stop and see what is around you and ask, “How can I make THIS fun?” The answers always come:)

I could go on and on and on, but this last tip will serve you to discover the rest in your own mind-blowing, simple, transformative, life-altering way.

I wish you royal discoveries, wild wood walks, knightly crusades and Louve-worthy artifacts created with only a napkin, a straw, a few bits of string and the brain in your head and heart in your intent. 🙂

As always, hearing your Operation Imagination Cultivation ideas would delight me and benefit our LifeSchool community to no-end (no pressure:)



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