Cape-Donning and the Art of Being More

Heroism is a big thing in our family, as an ideology, as an innate option for living and giving, as a right and "avengers" "heroes" "halloween" "inspiration" "fun" "lifeschoolers"responsibility that is within us and capable of being realized the moment we simply decide to step inside that phone booth, don that cape and come out with an intent to soar.

This is such a powerful theme in our world, I launched The Phone Booth Project not long ago, a blog that encourages us to SEE it, OWN it and Shout it from the rooftops, and celebrates heroes around the world as they are recognized as honorary members of the League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers.

Tonight our little family of four got to live the dream OUT LOUD, as we literally put on capes and flew out into the world to spread a little cheer and heroic inspiration.  THIS is what I Love about Halloween, that you have opportunity to suit up in a way you may never otherwise know, join the masses on the streets and, for one amazing evening, pretend that you ARE Batgirl (or whatever your heart desires).

Above all the Hallowe’en hum, there was this one moment (you know, those moments when time slows and you just know that as you rock in that creaky chair on the porch at 95, this’ll be the memory that floods in), my husband Todd and I stood as our lil Avengers ran ahead to a door alight with flickering jack-o-lantern orange.  This was the first time ever that we had not walked right up to every door with them.  Todd moved in and held me and we became perfectly still, listening.  “Happy Hallowe’en!…Thank you…Have a Happy Hallowe’en”, in perfect unison.  Never a prouder moment.  Just to feel their joy and the freedom they understand that empowers them to fully express it.  They never mind of the response, it is all focused on the giving.  Such big boys tonight and a smile spread simultaneously with an inevitable tear in my heart.  These seconds of childhood, while they will be replaced with a million connectable moments on new levels, can never be replaced.  And I, for one, don’t want to miss a second!

Batgirl cuddled up in a creepy corner, celebrating an eve of immeasurable delights

I hope you delighted in the evening, watching as bundles of whirling excitement rang your bell or finding your way door to door to ring and reveling in the “ooos” and “ahhhs” that you, or your children received, for ingenuity.

Thought I’d share a little of our fun with you here.

Happy Hallowe’en LifeSchool friends.  May you find the qualities of the characters you donned tonight in the aspirations-lived for your year (or if you chose the ghoulish kind, may you forever celebrate your childlike and fantastical love of the macabre and know you make this world a more fun and interesting place to be)!!

And last, but most certainly not least, for all those who are displaying the real-deal of heroic efforts to endure, assist and from somewhere deep inside finding the strength to survive and thrive despite Hurrincane Sandy, please know you are in our hearts and prayers.  Bless you as you find your way to home again.

My Thor 🙂

My Nephews, My Heroes

With the King of my childhood &
the mentor of my life
my dad, Charles

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