Hallow’s Eve Flashback

Day #29

What is it about a day that ignites a joy within us to escape the face of who we are
and don the mask of favorite character, hero or ghoul and go about devouring gobs of treats
we’d never nibble, and all the while feeling giddy as ever we did as a child? 

Halloween is a day that unleashes the kid within, no matter what the age.  It is steeped in memories of days gone by and is sparked anew when our own little gaffers light up at the idea of going door-to-door being fed copious amounts of the stuff of which mom would never approve, being led by a parent’s hand no less.

I LOVE Halloween, don’t you?  Along life’s way I’ve met a few who could leave it all, but not me.  I love the imagination, fanciful leaving of the senses for a time, engaging in the pretend and watching the world around me come together in the charade.

What springs to mind when you think of Halloween’s gone by?

I see powder-pink bunny ears and the tummy stuffed just right that Mom made when I was about 5.  I remember holding my sister’s hand, carrying the pillowcase I knew would delight me for weeks to come, tummy-aches be darned.   Floor crawls and pub crawls at Uni and the magic act it was trying to move through the crowds with my table costume.  Thanks to crazy glue the cereal and oj stayed put, but the flowers springing out the top of my stacked pony were another story.  Bubble gum, regal Queen, ghastly Vampire bride… and this year, Bat Girl.  Carving pumpkins with my artistic Momma, cupcakes with the black and orange icing that gives away one’s indulgence, and those perfectly delectable, mini chocolate bars of every kind and size that makes you feel like having a hundred just ‘isn’t all that bad’.

"Halloween" "Elmo" "Fun" "inspiration" "lifeschool" "homeschool" "dress up"

Chicken Dance with Elmo

The best part of it all, are the memories in the make.  The boys through 6 years of spider, Winnie the Pooh, Witch, Wizard, Knights with their ‘first sword’ and tomorrow eve, Iron Man and Captain America.

Although in the wellness realm I groove in now, candy is limited, (in fact this will be the first Halloween the boys are allowed more than 2 pieces… I know ‘mean Mommy’), we focus less on what we ‘eat’ and all of what we ‘do’ and create as a family.  We carve, we create, we decorate, we sing, and for one day we surrender to the surreal, and revel in the chance to play with all the neighbors.  It is this one day where reality is suspended and everyone’s invited to the stage.

What traditions of Halloween do you remember?  What have you carried on with your children?
As always I would love to hear.

I wish you a day of embracing the laughter, the joy, the thrills and chills that come when we know we are being freaked out but mom and dad are right there and all is safe in our world.  And above all, do stay safe and have FUN.

Happy All Hallow’s Eve Friends.  Enjoy every second of the memories made with the little ones who are so atune to joy and play.


2 thoughts on “Hallow’s Eve Flashback

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    • Thanks for the link. Fun account of your flashbacks:) Such fun these memories in the make hmm?! Happy Halloween! jennifer

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