The Blood Curdling Cry for a Curriculum Shift

"Love" "Tooth" "Parenting" "Parenthood" "Notes"There is no game-changer quite like a scream.
You know the one?
It pierces the ears, turns your blood a little colder,
you know in a split second it’s no minor deal and,
somehow it always, always comes from the other room.

We’ve all had these moments if we have or are around children.
Today the curdling call met my ears.

I rushed into the room and there my precious lil guy was, eyes frantic, tears streaming, mouth wide, holding his chin and searching, searching for my reaction to discover how bad it was.  In those split seconds of assessment, my lifeguard-training-of-old kicks in and I know enough not to freak.  He needs me to keep it together.

These are the lessons far more profound than algebra. 
How do we fair in the light of lightening about to strike?

Knowing it had to be his mouth because that was where the blood was dripping from, I did what all parents do, I looked in and checked to see if he had all his teeth.  99.9% of the time we look in and think, “Yep, all there” don’t we?  Today, I did a double take and the seconds felt surreal, where his beautiful, perfect, ivory tooth used to be was a gaping hole with a tearing right up to near his nose.

I composed myself, and then I pressed play on my gentle n’ reassuring voice.  With the sound, I see him physically melt into the chair and wait for me to guide him through what’s next.  Cold towel to chomp on, engage him in the nodding-selection of books he’ll like for the emergency waiting room reads, blend a quick smoothy (as I know now solids for breakie are out), and a rounding up of the brother with boots and coats.

Can you tell we’ve been here before?  No panic, no whipping out the door unprepared, it comes with practice this grace-under-fire.

A side note worth noting, the boys were so excited about our LifeSchool program we had on the agenda that those are the books they chose to bring.  Yes, I kid you not.  The Story of the World came with us and Archeologists Dig for Clues, by Kate Duke.  I love that they love to take learning on the road even in the most dire of circumstance.

Have passion for education; will travel.

And so it was, our curriculum for the day was expanded by life experience.  In the waiting room the boys were enthralled in an excavation, a little later Liam was learning about x-ray and lead clothes, and then was reviewing images of his teeth and lungs.  And above all this we were learning to flow, with peace, and joy even, in the midst of uncertainty.

As we headed down the corridor, answers found, we were relieved to know Liam had not ingested his tooth, his permanent teeth are all well-formed and waiting to descend and this was a minor, made quite apparent as our oh-so-injured boy skipped down the hall to home.

"Toothfairy" "Tooth" "Parenting" "Fun" "Joy" "Love" "Funny" "Accidents"

All is forgiven for the ‘tooth incident’! 🙂

At the end of this day,
as we prepare to cuddle up in front
of a Disney movie all together,
I am reminded
of the true curriculum of this life…
to flow with what life sends you,
embrace the opportunity
to find a calm in the whirl,
discover a deeper love and
build a more kindred relationship
throughout it all. 

This post would simply not be complete without an appreciative shout-out to the doctor, nurses and staff at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences.  As always, they are compassionate and efficient.  Thank you for taking such good care of our most precious of gifts!

Wishing you a curdling-cry-free weekend. But as they come in life, as they always do, no matter the form they take, or the size of the person making them, may you embrace the opportunity for a shift in life-expectations, greater calm, understanding and, above all, love.   jenni

*A special thanks to the amazing Facebook page Lessons Learned in Life for the ‘What is Love?’ Letter pic.  Please visit their page for a list of all the people who contributed to that awesome photo.

"Tooth" "Fun" "Play" "Accidents" "Parenting" "Parenthood"

This was the tooth that came out. Wow hey?

6 thoughts on “The Blood Curdling Cry for a Curriculum Shift

  1. I found you on Facebook under Writers Network. I am from Haliburton (well for 6 months). We winter in Arizona. See you are from Thunderbay.
    What an excellent post. Well written. Are you a member of The Word Guild?
    I have written a book which is aimed at homeschoolers and Christian Schools.
    Many blessings and so happy at how you peacefully kept all things together in adversity.

    • So terrific to get your note Jan! I’m not a member. I’ve been a pr & communications gal for ages, but this whole writing-for-me-deal is new:) I’m loving it and it is such a fabulous compliment to homeschooling the boys. I will certainly look into it and again, appreciate your feedback and being in touch. I will certainly look at your site. Do you have a facebook page too? So glad you connected! Blessings to you as well Jan. jenni

  2. Hi Jennifer, I’m enjoying your blog! I didn’t see a post for yesterday; hope everything is okay. Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

    On Friday, October 26, 2012, LifeSchool Inc. wrote: > jennifermaki posted: “There is no game-changer quite like a scream. You know the one? It pierces the ears, turns your blood a little colder, you know in a split second it’s no minor deal and, somehow it always, always comes from the other room. We’ve all had these moments” >

    • Hi Donna, WOW are you on it girl!! Yes, we had an interesting day of growth for our family yesterday as we got some news about my dad’s health. When the time is right I will share it, but as you will see when you get today’s post…sometimes there is a time for play and then there are times for releasing the world for a while and gathering within your family unit to BE. You are very intuitive. Thank you for being in touch. I appreciate it beyond words. Jenni

      • Oh Jenni, yes this would be a time to turn inward with your family, as I recall from a previous post that your dad has a significant role in your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

        And today’s post about Phoenix rising and the link to the Flourishing Life website was another great find.

      • So appreciate your thoughts Donna. Thank you for thoughts and prayers, this is the powerful stuff we need in moments when our world-expected is rocked a little isn’t it?! So thrilled you liked the link, it was the first I came across and of course just what I needed. I connected with her on facebook too and she seems fabulous. So fun to share the journey. Have a superb day Donna. And again, bless you for being in touch. jenni

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