Education as Amusement – Exploring Oak Meadow

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind.
Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child’s natural bent.”
― Plato

For those of you just tuning in, ‘Welcome!’.
This week’s series is on Learning as Joy…Unfolding,
exploring various curriculum to spark mind and heart of mentors and children.

We reviewed the extraordinary Rudolph Steiner and the way of Waldorf.  Today we explore an evolution of Waldorf, an independent study program that honors Waldorf values at its core, but expands beyond to include a balance with our modern world and the educational structure within which we live.  Our cup of tea to be sure.  And perhaps after reading here and exploring the links yourself, you too may find a home.

(Let me note that you need not be a home/un/life schooler to tap these gems of information.  What blew me away as I explored the educational treasures available to us, is that they are indeed a course in life & self development, of benefit to anyone, anytime, anywhere:)  And so we forge on to YES!-Living on yet another level.  Yahoo!)

Oak Meadow, Curriculum & School, founded 35 years ago by Lawrence and Bonnie Williams, a dynamic husband and wife team with an incredible story, vision, relentless tenacity and an uncanny ability, to tap inner wisdom to guide them through adversity and inspire families world-wide to explore education within the home.

For the last ten plus years, through my business Center of YES!, Inc. and Project YES! Life, I have been facilitating workshops, conducting retreats and giving keynotes all designed to inspire people and teams to dig deep, look within, determine values and recognize the power of acting in alignment with those authentic values in their personal lives, in the workplace and in the community in which they live and contribute.  Hundreds of people attended, all searching for ‘something more’ and coming to understand that ‘something’ was not anything that one could give to them, they had to claim it for themselves, and their commitment to that growth would expand their life beyond even their own imaginings.

When I discovered Oak Meadow with its focus not just on the structure of education, but the flow, and the essential nature of encouraging parents to see how their own character and self-development powerfully influences how a child develops and is ultimately able to contribute in the world, I was hooked.  Every line was aligned with my vision, my business, my passion as a parent of empowering my children to, first and foremost, see the magnificence within themselves and second, to continually evolve, myself, as a human being worthy of their trust and respect.

I truly wonder, were each and every parent and child in the world
exposed to Oak Meadow, if the rooms in which I address
those people searching for more,
would simply be empty.

There is a powerful side to the curriculum and the materials that encourage you to consider Parenting 101, a course that should most certainly be offered at large, but the best part is the play, the fun, the stories told and created that amuse the child, the parent, and enable us to enjoy every moment of learning together.

Oak Meadow programs delight the child,
all the while enriching the parent right along side.

I leave you with an excerpt from the materials that warms me to the core, time and time again, and links for you to explore until your heart is content.

“…it is the strength of your being, the light of your understanding, and the love you have for [the child] as a fellow being that draws the latent spark of individuality within him/her into active manifestation.  It is this that makes teaching such a difficult endeavor.  To be an effective teacher you must persistently seek to unfold and refine your own strengths before you can ever hope to unfold and refine the strengths in your child.  Helping Home Teachers in this process is the purpose of Oak Meadow, and the reason why we are unique among home study schools.  We are not interested in filling children with facts, but in helping teachers and children become intelligent human beings, able to respond sensitively and deeply to the world in which we live.”  
Oak Meadow ~ First Grade Syllabus, Introduction

Oak Meadow, Website, ‘Home’About Us  /  Educational Philosophy
Oak Meadow, Facebook Page ~ for inspiration and insights
Oak Meadow on Pinterest


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