Sunday Side Note ~ Seek n’ Find Insights

Life is about plans, makin’ em and breakin’ em;)

Our regularly scheduled programming on Curriculum will resume tomorrow after today’s spontaneous Sunday Side-Note.

We had a superb family outing planned for today. We woke at dawn, breakied, put on our dapper duds and gathered myriad fun time-passers for our… Wait for IT… Road Trip. We were hittin’ the US boarder and straight on thru. Just one last thing… Passports.

Hmmm… Not in that drawer. Not in the passport file. Not, well, anywhere it seemed.

The search began as casual, shifted to wonder, and escalated to a rising panic for a day of traveling-connection slowly being sucked into depletion with every minute and hour of seeking.

Had the kid’s hidden them?
We interrogated, gently, and received their full compliance as they joined in the buzz of the detective hunt.

We looked places we thought the passports would be, might be, could never be, really…but rationality was slowly wafting out the door.

We’re a pretty drama-free family really and this was testing us, but good.
Not ones to be whooped by a challenge, we kept up the game for a good two and a half hours.

Yep, we really didn’t want to give up that trip.

Suddenly we began to realize that we were giving up a day of time together period. Regardless of ‘where’ that time be spent.

We nearly caved. And then it hit me, “I’ve been a lot of things today, but centered ain’t one of them.”

So, I went back to the room we’d remembered last having them in hand. And I sat, just sat in silence and breathed. I let go of what I ‘thought’ had happened and opened up to what ‘might” have happened.
We were pretty sure the hubby Todd had last had them, so I thought, “If I were Todd where would I have put them?”
After 2+ hours of seeking, there were few places one could look really, so I just went with flow and my heart’s intermittent subtle murmurings.
I moved room to room in our house, not staying for a set time, or frantically covering ground, just asking, “Where could they be?”

Fifth room in, a place in reno-mode so we hadn’t thought to enter here, in the centre of the room sat a file box with the lid off.

I walked over, but I already knew.

There in plain view, four small blue books side by side by side by side.
Relief flooded, but above and beyond that I knew a lesson loomed.

Normally silence, trust and calm to search first within and make a game of the universe guiding me predictably to where I need go, are first recourse. But this time with the urgency of wanting what I wanted when I wanted it…”to just find them and get going”, I lost sight of the play.

This life is NOT about what we think it’s about, our plans, our goals, our desires.

It is however about the building of a sacred trust between life circumstance and our ability to tap inner wisdom and trust that, when we listen and give full attention to the task at hand, the unfolding will enrich us with insights beyond our imaging.

I lost it for two and half hours, but in getting a grip in the end, me, my husband and our boys were able to discuss the essence and importance of it all as we cruised along, together, keenly aware of the magical unfolding of this life.

When life tests, may you:
– Know There’s a Reason, an Opportunity, a Lesson far greater than the idea you had imagined
– Breathe, find that calm and innate, wise Guru within, and listen, and listen good, and then follow
– Whatever the end result, leave it all behind but not without first recognizing, gathering and taking the lesson with you.

We had a glorious Road Trip. My son turned to me just an hour ago as we headed home, “Mommy what a great day. Best of all we got to be allllll together!”

Oh so right my love and the golden hue of the scared lessons heeded alighting the path for our journey home.





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