Lighting a Fire with Waldorf

“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”
William Butler Yeats

And so we meet again:)… Day 20 of our Journey together.  If you are just joining us, welcome.  We are thrilled to have you with us.  The more means simply Merrier:).

This segment is on Learning as Joy…Unfolding.  Perhaps no educator honors this idea more profoundly than Rudolf Steiner.  As an educator of children or in life-at-large, as parent or not, this man is worth considering and exploring…

At the turn of the 20th Century, Rudolph Steiner (Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, inward-mystic or esotericist) introduced the world to spiritual science, looking to link science and the mystical.  His entire drive was to show the world that ‘there are no essential limits to human knowledge.’  As you can see by his resume, he dabbled in it all, and at the end of the day he took the whole kit n’ caboodle and developed an educational system to unleash a child’s (and teacher’s/ parent’s) potential that has subtly but powerfully shifted the perception of learning around the world. *20-1

I could never do justice to this man’s breath and depth of character and commitment to empower the spirit of children around the world.  He was a man who influenced nearly every element of life in its evolution, from organic farming and ethical banking, to creating homes for children with developmental disabilities and designing buildings deemed masterpieces to the modern world.  He tested and proved that there, indeed, is no limit to what a human can achieve when empowered in just the right way, at the right time, while honoring their individual spirit.

Waldorf’s main goal of schooling is “to produce individuals who are able, in and of themselves, to impart meaning in their lives.”

With over 1000 Waldorf Schools worldwide, I do believe there are many incredible individuals living meaning within their own lives and inspiring others in their wake.

Our family researched Waldorf fully, I embraced Rudolph Steiner for what he could teach me as a human being, and this philosophy shapes, in large part, our process and flow for educating our boys.

And WoW what a ride, reading and learning about the capability of a man who, through simply living and exploring and creating because he did not know how NOT to, left a legacy of wonder and joy and meaning in this world.

I leave you with what one Waldorf and Harvard Graduate, and the Norwegian Prime Minister, had to say and a list of links to explore for yourself.  Enjoy the path that will lead to higher knowledge and a greater understanding of yourself and how you may lead yourself, your children, our world, away from the ‘whys’ and toward the ‘why nots!’.

“If you’ve had the experience of binding a book, knitting a sock, playing a recorder, then you feel that you can build a rocket ship-or learn a software program you’ve never touched. It’s not bravado, just a quiet confidence. There is nothing you can’t do. Why couldn’t you? Why couldn’t anybody?”
Peter Nitze, Waldorf and Harvard graduate, and Director of an aerospace company

When approached by the news media and asked the question, “What did Waldorf Education do for you?,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg replied, “It encouraged me to always strive to become a better human being.”


Rudolph Steiner – Wikipedia

Why Waldorf Works – AWSNA, Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Live Education – Homeschool Supplies based on Waldorf Education

Waldorf Answers on the Philosophy and Practice of Waldorf Education

*20-1 refers to LifeSchool Footnote on source


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