When In A Whirling Dervish, Read

Today was Transition Day at the Maki home. Mommy just back from 3 days away, the special treatment of Daddy throughout to ensure boys weekend a kid’s-dream success, the boys were feeling outta sorts to say the least. We reestablished a need for listening and respectful communication and well, that the Wacky Dance n’ Stomp you do with Daddy to get yer way just doesn’t fly with Momma like, ever!

I’d missed them desperately and my visions of a blissful, fairy tale reunion were blurred with the reality of needing a day to transition back to reality.

And so, in our world when the whirling dervish of boyhood and the reactionary dance of parenthood threatens to ensue we … READ.

Yes, we talk through why everyone is a little outta sorts and put a foot down when need be, but above all we grab an ole fave or a fave-to-be and Read.

For us it is an act that brings our crazed and sometime separate worlds together in a peaceful, conscious connect.

I feel a sigh, an awe and when the page opens I just know that if we sit here for a time the torrent of transition will settle and we will discover one another again and all will be okay, peaceful, loving as it should.

Today the choice was The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. (Yes, Steven’s son;) With cute critters and creative stories about values and kindness and lessons learned, we felt truth seep back into our day.

As we sat entwined, engaged, I thought “Yes, the tides and transitions of our life may tug and pull, tempers may flare, but we can always choose again, breathe full and in a moment paused and shared find each other and the love that binds us alive and well.”

How do you cease the crazy, tame the whirling dervishes of life? Do you read? Or do you have another way? I’d love to hear;)

In the spirit of discovering that which brings us home to one another.



2 thoughts on “When In A Whirling Dervish, Read

  1. Hi Jenni….looking forward to checking out this title, last year I really enjoyed “7 Habits of Highly Effective Families”…and yes, I totally agree with you that reading helps to calm and soothe (especially when curled up in bed, under the covers)! Another trick we us is water….I’ve always found the boys to be happiest in the warm tub, with a few simple toys. Nothing like pouring water over and over again to bring out the best!

    Still very much enjoying the blog,

    • So true Erin, warm water is another cure-all isn’t it;)?! Thanks so much for sharing, it is a great reminder for all. I too appreciate Stephen Covey’s works. Actually, funny sidenote, I almost hired his PR gal to replace me at an agency I worked at in San Diego. She had nothing but extraordinary things to say about working alongside him;) Great inspiration for us and for our families;). Hope you enjoy this next one, the kids Love it! Thrilled you are still finding the ride inspiring. Thank you for connecting. Not sure if you’ve connected at http://www.facebook.com/lifeschoolinc or not, but if not, may be another inspiring connect for you! Great to journey with you Erin! Jenni

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