Box-Busting 4 New Sight

To create magnificent art, we must understand our own magnificence.

In the spirit of Life as Art Revealing, our theme for this segment, I reflect on this weekend of adventure and retreat.

As I met with the squeals of delight from my boys when I walked through the door, the kisses, the joy, the warmth and love bubbling over, I was struck by the idea that this absence we had experienced made our love somehow deeper, or at least more acutely apparent.

Have you noticed how comfort zones breed complacency?

When we become used to a thing we somehow lose the ‘ahhh’ of it. When newly in love, we need little sleep and seem to float with the wow of it all. Ten years later we might appreciate the sleep-in and in moments look to our loved one amidst the craze of the life created as if to say, “Oh Hi, you’re the one I married right? Ah yes, that’s right, there you are!”

When we settle into our comfy lil’ lives with our predictable little ways, we can lose sight of the magic, the blessings. It isn’t until we bust outta the box and get away, shake things up, stir up the status quo, that we get a glimpse of how good we got it. OR, alternatively, see that which we need to shift in order to further expand our world in a way that moves and motivates us.

This weekend of my own Box-Bustin’ in Toronto brought many glorious moments of delight, but it also made me keenly aware of the magnificent work of art that my own lil life IS.

I felt exhilarated by the busy bustle, but love our life of selective silence.
I am delighted with the dance of crowds, but so appreciate the peaceful walks we take in utter solitude.
Being with friends who cherish me is a gift beyond words, but to see the twinkle in my husband’s eye across the table at our dinner out this evening made me realize how honoured I am right here at home.
I sparkle upon seeing children in the street laughing and playing, but there is no greater joy for me than to snuggle in with my boys and sing them to sleep.

Every once in a while we need to stop, reflect on how we are actually seeing and living our lives and make a conscious decision to shake things up a little, or a lot.

What do you long to do, but don’t?

What habits have formed that you’d like to shake and shift for better?

Do you ‘do things’ just because you’ve ‘always done them that way’? And if so, is it working for you?

What one thing would you, could you, do today to give you a higher perspective on the life you have and the way you live it? It could be as simple as taking a break on your own or as a family and walking in nature, quietly. Or it could be, tossing plans aside and doing something a lil’ crazy!! Or saying ‘no’ when you truly want to say ‘no’ even though it may disappoint another, but will afford you a chance to say ‘yes!’ to yourself. Or you may just set to plan or action the get-away you’ve been putting off. (I can vouch for the power of this one!!;)

You MUST be in touch with your own magnificence, your incredible power and ability, if you are to sculpt the life you deserve, or if you are to genuinely celebrate the one you Have.

There is not a moment to lose in this, because for every second we are simply going thru the motions, we are losing precious opportunity to mould, sing, write, direct, create and deliver this miraculous life we’ve been given hold of for a limited time.

May you do some serious Box-Bustin’ today and over the next while. And by all means do share in the comment section so we can take the ride alongside and be inspired by your gumption for Great!!

Like this human being reaching for the simple birds of flight amidst the bustle of Union Station, may we too look up, and within, and see with new and adoring eyes the authentic, artistic expression of our life well lived.



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