Sacred Space, Honouring Self

Sacred Space. Think about this for a moment. Sacred Space. What does this mean for you?

Over the course of my life, the times when I am in hum and harmony with all, when I am inspiring, empowering, encouraging and delighting those around me, effortlessly, is when I am experiencing Sacred Space.

It is the space where we find the deep river of calm, the bursting reverence that enables us to see all within a glow of gratitude. It lives within us always, but finds its clarity and strength when we make time to acknowledge that it is there.

How do we reach it, tap it, activate it?
Easy…. We Do What We Love.

Of all the priorities we hold, this should one handled and delved into with great determination and sweet focus.

This trip to Toronto has been filled with Sacred Spaces. I’ve found it in the faces of children, shop keepers and homeless people. I’ve breathed it in on the street car and as I strolled the sandy boardwalk by the sparkling lake amidst the falling leaves. I’ve tasted it with every bite as I savored culinary favorites and sipped delectable beverages of varying sorts😊.

And perhaps sweeter still have been the Sacred Spaces I’ve relished and created with treasured friends, talking, dancing, laughing, exploring.

Creating Sacred Space is essential for the soul. It IS how we are able to embrace the delights of this world, they are the cozy-blanket-memories that take the edge off when the challenges of life chill us.

Yes, we can sit atop a mountain cross-legged and breathe and chant or we can ask ourselves, “What is it that sparks joy within me?” and then deliver that to ourselves.

I have missed my boys desperately and am doing an embarrassing lil happy-dance when I think of getting to hug ’em tomorrow, but I am More because of Sacred Space discovered here.

This is how it works doesn’t it? When we put that funky yellow oxygen mask on ourselves first, we have air enough to offer another!

I long to teach my boys this by example. And one day it will be me at home while they explore the Sacred Spaces of the world, a little lonely, but with my cozy-blanket-memories and the knowledge that I encouraged them well, to keep me warm.

May you discover and remember your Sacred Spaces and BE. I could not wish you more!







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