Reveling in Our Riches

My ability to see colour, to feel a skip in my heart when I hear the laughter of children, to see the twinkle of love lighting up the world through the eyes of a little one, is thanks to many things, but topping the list… My own boys (2 little/ 1 big).

Through learning to love my own children so deeply, so completely I am able to love the children of the world even more somehow.

Through the experience of marrying a person who honors and celebrates me so completely I am able to unleash greater joy, greater peace in the world. He makes me want to be the best of me.

And so, here I am in Toronto with the gift of solo time and I am in awe of it all… The life that I have and the life that surges all around me.

These images that I’ve taken since arriving at 8:30, depict the magic I’ve been witness to…

To Richness within the lives we’ve chosen.
To the laughter we instill in our children and every child and living creature we encounter.
To the beauty that makes us so simply glad to be alive.
And to Time that we are afforded or gift to ourselves, to see it All so clearly.

I wish you the riches of the world, the complete understanding of the riches of your life today.
p.s. Did this from my iPhone on the road and managed not to tap it away this time 😉 Yippee 😉


4 thoughts on “Reveling in Our Riches

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful note, so fantastic;) I must say though that I am the lucky one;) So appreciate your connecting and do hope to hear more from you! Jenni

  1. Hello big city solo superHERo friend of mine! So excited for your journey to find more of you. Your gift to the world is magnificent and your vision of LifeSchool is unmatched. Have a blast girl and do share the adventure’s magical moments again! LOVE! L 🙂

    • Thank you again my magnificent friend. It was a spectacular trip and I do so look forward to one out your west-way for a sisto connect sometime soon. Love to share all this entrepreneurial-inspiring work with you my girl! Thank you for engaging and encouraging others to join the adventure! Xo jenni

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