Tap Your Talent to Hear

Day #11

As with any talent that we wish to be stellar at, listening to that Guru within YOU,  requires burning desire, consistent commitment, and practice, practice, practice.  This ensures that when the kids begin to melt and you feel as though you may just melt along side, you can peacefully tap that space within, breathe, and respond versus react to the challenge at hand.

My mother was a brilliant watercolour artist.  Her forte was watercolour portraits, and the way she could make the eyes come to life would leave you breathless and longing for a conversation.  She began when she was 7 and was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and had to remain in bed for 9 months.  She survived through her art, I swear.  When I would gaze in awe at her latest work, dazzled and feeling there would be no way I could ever express such life-emotion through the strokes of a brush she would say, “Jenny, any ability I have is not due to raw talent, it is due to the hours upon hours that I sat drawing, because I simply couldn’t NOT draw.  It was a way of life for me and if you love something that much and work that hard at it, you too will dazzle people.”

My mother was a brilliant human being and she taught me more than she will ever know.  Although where she paints, and dances and laughs now, I do believe she sees.

I recall this truth she shared time and time again and I share it here with you.

If you wish to answer all the questions that swirl within your mind.  If you truly want to respond to life rather than react.  If you long to know the direction you should/could take your life to be exceedingly happy.  If you want to know what books to read, what curriculum to choose for your children’s education or whether to use any at all or to send them to school.

If you want to live your YES! life on all levels for yourself and the children you are intent on empowering in this life, then this is a talent you can’t NOT hone ~ for your own peace, for the peace of your family and for the energy it will free up to allow you to evolve into the person you KNOW you ARE beneath the varied masks we sometimes (or often) wear in this world.

IT IS TIME isn’t it?

Time to learn how to truly listen and adhere to our own amazing wisdom.

Time to step up our game a notch or two and do it for ourselves so we can show our kids how to too!

It all begins with a commitment, a powerful, purposeful, promise you make to yourself to BEGIN.  Find your space or dust it off, but get to it.

At 7:00 a.m. each (okay most) morning my children will find me sitting cross legged, breathing, silent, in the flicker of the candles, in the calm and knowing of all I can be for me, for them.  If and when I do this consistently, when the crazy flails, when the circus clowns come spinning in and trash the joint and I, the ring-leader stand in shock & awe, like it can often be (because let’s face it I’ve purposely raised feisty, independent, confident boys), I can breathe, move within, listen and, gracefully, gratefully respond.  I can BE the artist my mother told me I can be, the artist of this life that I have envisioned, painted and loved into being stroke by purposeful stroke.

If I truly desire a life of greater peace, spontaneous joy, free-flowing abundance and limitless love, I can’t NOT spend time going within and tapping this universal divine wisdom each and every day.

I hope this inspires you to determine how and when you listen and what you are willing to do to ensure you are living the greatest vision of the highest life that you can live.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section, I would LOVE to hear your take on this.


p.s. In the next post, you come on the road to Toronto with me.  First time in 10-years I’ve headed away for a solo-adventure to embrace the FUN of my old stomping ground.  I will undoubtedly be thinking of my babes and the children of the world and all they teach me and I look forward to sharing that with you or some other spontaneous call from the Guru of something you may like 🙂


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