Revealing the Guru You

Day #10

Good Day Gorgeous & Great Gurus!

This next series of posts will revolve around Life As Art…Revealing. 

Guru YOU
sits in the Center

You are art.
Your life as it unfolds, is art.
The journey you embark on daily with children
is a masterpiece revealing itself
one lesson,
one experience,
one melt down,
one surge of creative genius,
one honest resurgence of joy,
one deep reconnection with perfect, limitless love
at a time.

Michaelangelo was one of, if not the greatest sculptor of all time.  His creative genius, talent and intellect are captured in many extraordinary works, but as a sculptor he moves us with a profound and timeless truth.  He was said to believe that each block of marble contained a figure, an essence to be revealed.  His job was to chip away little by little and uncover the magnificence that lay beneath the sheath of stone.

The wisdom within this for us is, that each one of us is a figure within this body, an essence of wisdom and truth and magnificence just awaiting the time when we will be fully revealed.  Our lives as artists require that we chip away, consciously connect, tap the wise within us, so that we do not loose sight of this truth and begin to believe that we are merely flesh and bone with a host of woulda-shoulda,-couldas causing nicks in our perfection.

If you have ever walked the Galleria dell’ Accademia corridor searching, searching and then… turning the corner, see, some 30 feet before you, the towering, sublime, divine, absolutely breathtaking perfection of David, you will understand that Michaelangelo knew something of consequence.

You are art…revealing.  Within you is a deeply profound, infinitely wise, divine-even (some may say), essence that is just longing to guide you for your highest good.

Having facilitated hundreds of workshops over the years, when speaking of Unleashing the Guru Within, I ask if people have that still small voice.  No one, ever, had said, “Nope, not me.”  We all have that voice that whispers.  We may call it intuition, gut-instinct, a ‘knowing’, a ‘feeling’, but we ALL have it.

You know you have it because if you reflect over the course of your life, when you have heard this still, small voice and adhered to its wisdom you were delighted.  When you heard this whisper (or booming shout) and didn’t follow that instinct for a course-shift, mmmmannnn did you learn a good lesson.

(Please correct me if you feel this is not the case, I am always open to learning anew:)

To be the kind of parents, the kind of mentors, we feel a deep calling to be, whatever your Values, Vision, Mission, we want, we NEED a Guru on our side. One that guides us, prods us, leads us and sometimes gives a gentle nudge to the life we KNOW we deserve and that our children indeed deserve.

This Guru is YOU.

Are there fabulous resources in the world?  Yes.  Are their people in the world who will inspire and lead us?  Yes. Oh, yes.  But no one knows you like you know you, and all you’ve experienced, endured and courageously faced in this lifetime. Is there room for spiritual and religious freedom of belief in this?  I believe so.  Truth for those who choose not to believe?  Again, yes.

You can call this wisdom anything you want, but it is universal (I believe)
and limitless in its ability to guide and love and support and
reveal to you the masterpiece you are and
how you can instill this incredible belief in the children of this world.

Today, just LISTEN.  Going about your day, rekindle this connection if it has waned, celebrate it fully, if it is alive and well.

Today I say to you, “Namaste”… when the place of peace and stillness within me, greets that place within you, we are one… and we dance and no longer suppose, we sit in the middle and sweetly, KNOW.



2 thoughts on “Revealing the Guru You

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    • Awe, so very sweet. Thank you for your comment, it made my day even more amazing. So much more fun when we connect on the journey;) Jennifer

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