Best Laid Plans Laid Aside for Better

Day #9

We have an idea in our head, a plan, it’s all laid out and we know where we’re going.  We feel great about our road map for the day’s success, and gosh darn it, we’re sticking to it.  And then… we’re not.  At least not if we’re smart.

Now this is a super-gal like-leap for a Type A Persona like me, but let’s face it…
a plan fulfilled is only as powerful as the enthusiasm fueling it.

And so it was, we woke with stuffy noses and foggy beans, and not in stellar-learning-mode and well, we just felt like a cuddle and play.  This is when my altar-me kicks in, the one who has trained for years beyond years to listen when the chatty Guru within is whispering up a storm. (More on this Guru tomorrow:)

We all have the notions, the intuition, the monkey who throws the wrench in our plans and begs us to ‘give it up’ and do what we NEED to do.

Today was one of those days and we succumbed with grace, even verve.  It wasn’t on our radar or in the curriculum or on the critical path, BUT we needed A Cherish Me, BE-Day.

We deferred our day of best laid agendas and free-flowed with healthy, happy intent.  We talked about what would honour a cherish-me & pamper-we day.

Here’s how it all played out for each and all of us:

#1 Healthy smoothies to kick-start our engines to wellness
Some of you will think us crazy, others this’ll be second nature.  We talk SHINY… what foods make us feel Shiny, what heals us, what protects us.  Some food we devour ’cause we love it; some food we indulge because we know it fuels us for pure-sparkle.

Our recipe for a Cherish-Me Shake
– Get out the blender and throw in (organic if possible)

Sample Green Smoothie
Ref – Great Blog
Click to Read:)

2 handfuls of kale
2 handfuls of spinach
1 avocado
Coconut water (1/2 full)
Acai berry juice or Pomegranate juice 1/4 full
1/4 cup blueberries
(for newbie kids to this – add more blueberries & a banana)
Hemp Hearts, sprinkled on top,
Set to Chop & then to Smoothie (add water to liquify as all get mixed and thick)

YUMMO & instant joy booster, even when a little sickie.

Okay, honesty time.  This was the convo, “Ugggg it’s green mom.  Can’t you make it purple so I can’t see the green?  No?  Okay.  (Sip Sip).  Hey Mom, actually the more you drink it, the better it tastes.  Can I have more?”

YAHOO.  Score:) (This was without banana.  No discussion with more blueberries and banana.)


#2 Plasticine Playtime

Mom and boys on the floor just creating, all together.  Pure joy.  Pure fun. (Okay I did sneak in a little “Nathaniel can you split this ‘1’ I made into two equal parts? Yea, you got it, that’s 2.” But that’s all, I swear – can’t help myself)

FOR MOMMA (& Kinda for the Boys too)

#3 The Gym
Mommy got a stretch, a vigorous row and stair climb and a (here’s the pamper bit) sauna:)  Ahhhh.  I sat. I hydrated.  I closed my eyes and floated away to the ‘space between & within me’ and felt my ME seep back slowly, purely, completely.

What a DAY!  Sometimes those best laid plans need to simply be tossed aside for a grander vision of what is truly needed for our body, our minds and our beings.  I am grateful beyond words that I can take these days and, yes I can’t help it, when I can re-embrace the critical path that is my friend, tomorrow 🙂

Next time you have an urge and an ability to surrender for a greater vision of how the day can unfold in honour of your Cherish Me, Be-Day, grasp it, go with it.  You will be MORE for the world, tomorrow.

Big Happy Cherish Me, BE-Day Hugs n’ Wishes,


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