All Play and No Work Makes for a Dull Life… Almost a Save

Day #8

Ahhh this post was to be about the value of work and how consciously applying oneself to that work empowers us to feel that the rewards of sweet indulgence are all the more deserved.

There were great quips and quotes and ideas on how to appreciate the work you do, no matter what that work is because, it is about the heart that is in it.  I talked of how, as a LifeSchool teacher and mom I want my boys to know the sweet sense of self-confidence that comes with being self-disciplined.  We’ve loved our time of play this Canadian holiday weekend, but we are all itching to get back at it.

This post was about this and more… but I tested out the iphone app for WordPress and after45 mins of navigating my way through it all, as I ran a final edit, I tapped.  And ohhhh did I mis-tap.  First I tapped ‘select all’ (never a good thing) and then as I tried to correct my error, tapped ‘paste’ (in which all my fancy, brilliant – I say this with confidence now because well, hey, you’ll never be the judge – words slipped into oblivion).  Nope, no ‘auto-save’.  Nope no ‘undo’.

Ever have this happen to you?

I haven’t actually, since university when I learned the value of ‘save, save, save’ on a major year-end assignment.

But oh I am suddenly all too aware of how fleeting this world of technology is and I am left with only the lesson…

It is not what life throws at you that matters, it’s what you do with it.  And there is no such thing as scarcity if you recognize the abundance that is yet to be tapped.

So today I leave you with some gems that have come to me tonight…

  • Indulge, engage in belt-loosening decadence, but take these knowing the diligence with which you embrace your work entitles you to the revere.
  • All the work you do, do with all your heart.  Gratitude lives not just for the moments spent with family and friends, but should be expressed in all you choose to do and give of yourself in the world.
  • No experience can take your sense of peace without your permission.
  • And finally, KNOW scarcity exists only in our minds.  When we believe in abundance of ideas, thoughts, resources…there it flows.

These are the lessons that will guide me as a parent, a teacher, a friend and a person as I get back to this business of life.

Thanks for being flexible enough to let the title lead down a path you had not known it would.

Play & Work
& Rewards that
Come of Flex n’ Flow

To flex n’ flow in work & life this week,












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2 thoughts on “All Play and No Work Makes for a Dull Life… Almost a Save

  1. I loved this blog post by superHERo friend, Jennifer! Moms and Dads, women and men of all ages, Jennifer’s words and wisdom are worth the follow – she shares with such authentic brilliance.

  2. My Cape-Donning Friend Laura. Thanks for always suiting-up with me and soaring to the heights of where this life can lead us:) J

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