In Celebration of Play…what does a leaf-calling sound like anyway?


Hi LifeSchool Playmates!

Grasp YOUR Moment
to be Free & Say Weeee

Today’s post is in celebration of those leaves, lying crunchy, calling on the ground, anticipating the rake n’ pile, jump n’ giggle that they were indeed designed for.

The calling comes from the yard, or the sandpit, or playground, or bubble bath, or games-cupboard, or craft cupboard.  Wherever you hear it beckoning from… GO.  You don’t have a moment to loose on a Saturday with your children, your partner, your dog, your soul when memory-making is on the line:)
And now, just you sign right out of here, and get to it.  That’s what I’m gonna do.

Of course when we convene tomorrow I would simply be over-joyed to hear how you spent your PLAY Day!

Happy crunching, munching, mingling and cavorting!


p.s.  How my play day began… Little Artisto Nathaniel came to me with a pic of Mommy-Chillin’.  Ohhh life is oh so good isn’t it?  Now time for me to get right off that easy chair and get swinging!  🙂


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