In Honour Of NOW

Day #5

Hello Again LifeSchool Explorers,

The past week we have focused on fortifying the core, envisioning the future and setting our sights on all we can extraordinarily BE, but what about now?  Right here and right now.  The key to a balanced life is to have a healthy grasp of what we can instill and create in the world, while being ever-present to the world we are gifted with in the moment.

Never loose the simple
while planning for the grand

“Listen to the beckoning of you soul,

the whispers that ignite a desire to be more.

Envision with passion,

map with purpose.

And then sweetly surrender it all,

to the presence of now,

the perfect folding of a moment,

that will never pass this way again.”

The last little key is


without question,

or shadow,

or doubt,

You are exactly

where you need to be,

to learn what you need to learn,

to evolve to the next best version of your highest self.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, so begins our appreciation for all that we have, all that we know, all that we experience, all that we ARE.

Catch leaves & moments




Hug and/or Kiss




Don’t say ‘No’ to anything that speaks to your heart and ‘YES!’ to everything that does

And take grasp of pen, paper and heart and write out 10 things you love about your life right now, RIGHT NOW.

(Yes, I mean write now.  Don’t wait for a perfect second or tonight or the right colour of pen or special journal, grab a napkin and a lipstick or (your friend’s lipstick), paper and crayon as you work with the kiddies.

Stop, Consider, Let your Heart Swell With Gratitude and Write.

You will be the wiser for it, your day all the richer for the awareness brought to the perfection of your life.

If in deed you have been working through all the steps this week, (and even if you haven’t and undoubtedly have been working diligently through you own process), this post is for you.  We, every single one of us, deserve a day to simply stop and BE in AWE.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving Life!


© Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Jennifer Maki, Project YES! Life, Center of YES!, Inc.  All postings, writings, photos contained within this blog are subject to copyright.  That being said, I would certainly appreciate your sharing excerpts and/or photos, but please do reference this blog  Thank you:)


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