Big, Hairy, Audacious and Practical YOU

Ahhh, did the title pique your interest?

Would it pique it a little further to know that my coaching clients over the years have paid me some pretty serious coin to present and guide them through the tips from this week.  In writing it seems all so simple enough, but to DO the work to set a foundation, to build a core that will sustain the test of time and teenagers:)… well now that is a different matter altogether.  I think you’re up for the challenge though and I’m happy to give up all the info if I can inspire even one parent to put to paper the powerful intentions swirling within their head.  This will keep all future clients from ever needing these tools to build a life they deeply desire but have no idea how to begin.  I will be out of a job and gloriously, deliriously happy with the state of our world and proud of every parent to have cultivated it… that’s YOU:)

So let your interest be piqued enough to read on…

After all, this IS what we are here to do, on the planet I mean, as parents…right?  Get their attention!  The trick is to pique it and keep it.

Isn’t it our duty to come to them knowing, confident and ready to instill our brilliant insight and knowledge of the world in the starry-eyed youngn’s before us?  Hmmm  Not from where I’m standing.  I basically feel it is my job to get out of the way.  These newly-arrived-beings are innately brilliant.  They come with no inhibitions, total trust, a desire to explore and learn it all (even if it means tasting absolutely everything in their path).  Exposure to the world at large and the most well-intended and knowledgable of human beings beat most of that right out of us didn’t they?  We learned how to conform, cower, protect, question everything ~ most of all ourselves, get-educated, keep busy, make a living, all the while missing the very essence of life.

Imagine for a moment I have a magic wand… Poof!  I take you back to a time before the world showed you all this ‘truth’, a time when you believed in fairies, adventure, people, yourself.  If you could BE that child now, what one thing would you most like to continue believing?  Guess what, wish granted.  The moment we can imagine it to be true, we can achieve it.  But wouldn’t it have been nice to have never had to be stripped down to learn how possible it was to build back up?

As mentors we can learn from what was rarely afforded us, or from all the gifts we received from those who empowered us to ‘keep the faith’ and, ‘make it right’.

What that right is, is where today’s invitation comes in.

“To lead from heart with purpose

we must understand our purpose and tenaciously listen to our heart.”

A heart buried in the concrete
waiting to be discovered, shared.

Now that you have consciously considered your values, written your family mantra, you are ready to fully embrace your role as parent and write with heart-felt intention and focus, your…Big, Hairy, Audacious goal in a Vision Statement and, What you are Ready, Willing and Able to deliver Everyday to the greatest team you’ve EVER known ~ Your Children.

This one’s for YOU.  Of course it may be written to benefit those you desire to serve and connect with, but it is ultimately about what YOU want and are willing to DO to uphold your highest ideals.

Here’s How…

Vision Statement: what you want to bring to, or be a part of, on the planet.  You may never fully attain this vision, but when you read it is makes you tingle through and remember the bigger ideal that drives and sustains you.

Mission Statement: what you vow to deliver day after day after day, because this is not something you can live with, this is the ‘something’ you can’t live without (not happily anyway).

Loose Guidelines (that being said, being a LifeSchooling Mom I fully encourage busting outta any box that confines you:): No longer than 3 sentences, positive, motivating and clear (even if only to you).  This isn’t necessarily what you share with your children or even your spouse, this is YOURS.  It is your organized thoughts about what you want and what you are willing to DO to achieve it.

This is the last step in the ‘organized’ portion of our Core Building.

Step 1 (Post #1): Retreat & rejuvenate when you get that itch. (You know when it begins. Scratch sooner rather than later.)
Step 2 (Post #2): Revisit and write down your values.  Consider carefully if life-action is aligned with these and shift if need be.
Step 3 (Post #3): Consider and write out your Mantra or Family Mission to keep you all centered on those values.
Step 4 (Post #4): Write your personal Vision and Mission Statements that guide you with intention daily.

This was a major part of my retreat last weekend.  My statement about what I want to bring to my children and family has been considered and reconsidered over the years.  This weekend I nailed it (for me).

Who I’m planning it all for…
Nathaniel, Todd & Liam

My Vision:
“To be an active part of a movement to educate children in ways that honour and celebrate their innate wisdom and that unleash and empower their capacity to trust, love, create, expand, enjoy and influence this world in positive, inspiring, uplifting ways.”

“My mission as a mother and friend to my boys is:
To wake each day alive with the desire to embrace the world and my family and all its elements;
To ignite a passion for learning within my children and fuel that passion with fun, powerful, though-provoking, creative experiences delivered in ways that engage and delight;
And, above all, to show them how much I love them and appreciate the opportunity to journey together in this life.”

Now it’s YOUR TURN.  Put values, beliefs, desires into action and create a pathway to follow when the fog rolls in and your wondering, ‘What exactly did I get myself into?”  You will only need read and be reminded, take a deep breath and dive right back in to the extraordinary ocean that is your life.

I look forward to NEVER working for any of your children:)

In admiration of the leaps you are taking for MORE,

This weekend we talk Fun Schtuff, Gratitude and Cuttin’ Loose in the Name of JOY…

© Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Jennifer Maki, Project YES! Life, Center of YES!, Inc.  All postings, writings, photos contained within this blog are subject to copyright.  That being said, I would certainly appreciate your sharing excerpts and/or photos, but please do reference this blog  Thank you:)


4 thoughts on “Big, Hairy, Audacious and Practical YOU

  1. Just wanted you to know that you’ve reached your “at least one person”, as we’re working on the four steps now (just need to “nail” step 4 for myself!). I am truly grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your time helping others like me to find our way on this marvelous journey…your blog is not only well written and interesting to read, it is truly inspiring! So for this, my thanks…I look forward to learning what’s around the next corner.

    • Erin M – (
      What a superb note to discover today! Thank you, wholeheartedly, for taking the time to share your thoughts and what the blog is inspiring in you. You made my day, and it certainly motivates me even further to deliver that which is encouraging and empowering. I would so appreciate using this feedback ‘quote’ to share with others. Please just let me know if that would be okay with you.

      I am thrilled you are ‘the one’ and I do hope that we can spread the word too so that others can join us on this, as you beautifully put it, marvelous journey! Happy Thanksgiving. Jenni

      • Hi Jenni…of course, use away! I only ask that you try and obscure my email address, if possible. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, too (I know I will, with my completed list of 10 thanks ;).

  2. Hi Erin! Absolutely. I’ll just use your first name and list you as a ‘mom’:) Thanks so much. It means so much more to people when they hear how it is inspiring someone else:) Thrilled you’ve nailed your 10:) Revel in them … INjoy:) jenni

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