Transforming Values to Daily Action

Day #3
Ahhhh Welcome Fellow Searchers, Visionaries & Missionaries (in the people-on-a-mission-for-all-things-stellar kinda way… and spiritual-mission-with-your-kiddies-&-families if that is your way:)

You now have a clear and present idea of what your core values are for yourself (See Day#2).  Good…great… awesome even.  “Now what do I do with that”? you may be wondering.

Your actions may be aligned with some of those values, you maybe working out a few kinks in some areas, but you are dead-certain you know what you want and are willing to ante up, do the work and live n’ deliver MORE of what you truly desire.

That is the first step to WoW. 

Do you know how many people even stop and consider this? Okay, many are forced to do this in boardrooms across the world, but in the home, hardly anyone, EVER.

So you are leaps & bounds ahead of most, in the living-with-intention department. Stop for a moment and say, “YEA me!”  It is so incredibly essential to recognize and celebrate when we are choosing our YES! with verve (but we will talk much more about that later).

Back to the “What now?”.  You’ve undoubtedly heard all about the power of positive thought, desires put into affirmations, talking in the here-and-now ‘as if’ it has already occurred to manifest it into reality and, the value of mission statements (as long as you can remember them).  Well, it’s ALL true.

We know that what we think about grows;
what we think about and focus on all day long, becomes our reality, right? 

Absolutely right!!

So the next step in fortifying this core that is solid and still and full of courageous, intention-manifestation power, is to put those values into a sentence.  This sentence, however long, is packed with meaning, clear and concise ideas that put into words what it IS you want to bring to your children, your family, yourself, your life.  It is a statement that guides you daily.  A statement that you recite daily.  A statement you refer to daily, that you know by heart because it IS your heart.  The children know because it speaks to them of what their parents, their mentors, their family values, stand for and they want to uphold it because, darn it, it IS worthy of upholding and delivering into the world.

When my children were born, I had spent a good 10 years helping people and companies develop and deliver on powerful mission statements.  The ‘fluff n’ spin’ kind weren’t the ones I gravitated to.  I worked with teams that thought long and hard about their values and packaged them in a statement that would keep them focused, and linked daily to the heart of what they were trying to achieve, so that when they were tired  and tried they would have a heart for the focus and deliver in spite of any looming or in-your-face challenges.

Maki in Mantra-Action:)

When my children were born, I talked with my husband and we wrote our family mission statement.  We call it our Maki-Mantra.  It encompasses our higher hopes, our deepest desires and the values we want our children to understand and embrace for a whole and peaceful existence.  This Maki-Mantra is said together (was one of the very first memorized/internalized bit our babes could recite verbatim).  It is what I refer to with my boys when they get off course.  It is my check-in when I do.

Today I invite you to consider and write your family mission statement, quick.  By that I mean, get going.  Don’t deliberate too much, just write what comes when you review your values with heart.  It may evolve. Our son Liam added an element of his own.  Once you’ve got it down, write it out in big block letters, colour it, have the kid’s decorate it, read it and for your own sake, refer to it, often.  The first question we ask when things go awry in our house, as they do, refers to whatever value the action challenged.  “Was that kind?”  “Was that respectful?”  “Did that help your brother find more peace?”  The answers are invariably “Nos”.  In our house our kids know, “If what you are doing in-line with our Maki-Mantra, keep on doing it; if what you are doing isn’t in-line’ then something (or someone) needs to center and shift!  Yahoo.  It’s ALL good because this life is about tripping, skinning our knees, ‘getting’ that we’re down and why, taking responsibility, getting back up, taking the lesson, leaving the rest, and dancing on, right?  RIGHT.  YES!  Oh YES!

In the spirit of considering our lives and playing them out to our own intended-tune,

p.s. Tips for writing your Mission or Mantra (you don’t have to chant it, but you certainly can).

  • No longer than 3 sentences.  We must be able to remember it
  • Write in the present and positive, what you DO want rather than what you Don’t
  • The words aren’t as important as the meaning behind them…they need only have meaning to you and your family
  • It should make you tingle and bring you back to who you long, and are willing to work, to BE

I hope this helps to empower and focus you, as it has helped us.

If you were wondering (and can’t read clearly the poster we made some 51/2 years ago)… ours is:

Kid-decorated, wall-hangin’ version
of what keeps us on track!


“We are a family devoted to Love, Joy and Compassion for Others.  We act in Kind and Respectful ways that honour one another’s Divine Essence and Guide each other Home to Peace.”

Although we are not a ‘religious’ family per say, we are extremely spiritual and find peace and joy in the faith that there is one God but many beautiful paths to that God or Creator.  As such, we talk about God as our best friend, the very essence and highest potential within us, guiding us, loving us and fueling us in our purpose.

I realize that are many amazing faiths and paths to follow and I honour every single one.  The one you have chosen is perfect for you.  I trust that you are open to a connection with those who walk on similar, and different, paths than the one you have chosen ~ for this is how we can co-exist with peace on this planet.

With this in mind, our son, added to our Maki-Mantra… “We are a family devoted to God, Love, Joy etc…”  I thought this a beautiful evolution that honoured his heart and so we have added it to our daily reciting and honour him in that.
Happy Creation of your own and, please DO let me know how it goes and if it assists in the focus and flow of your days!:)


© Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Jennifer Maki, Project YES! Life, Center of YES!, Inc.  All postings, writings, photos contained within this blog are subject to copyright.  That being said, I would certainly appreciate your sharing excerpts and/or photos, but please do reference this blog  Thank you:)


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